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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. birthday, Happy! :]

  3. The thing is that grimdarks don't often work if they just run off blood and gore because honestly that's so easy to write. With that being said though things like Cupcakes work since it kinda messed with our heads, you never think of Pinkie as a killer but then between cupcakes and smileHD it sorta changes it and that's where the creep factor comes from. But take the Rainbow Factory, its not scary and its not gorey but its brilliant! Because it takes the characters and really tweaks their personality without fully changing them from the show, they act the way they would in the show but its cle
  4. Ayyyy I like the way this chap thinks! We probably won't get one I'm afriad as there isn't a big enough amount of us down here on our cute little island but hey, you'll get over there sometime! Conventions aren't rare so I'm sure you'll get to one in a couple years or so
  5. Okay... Hey guys I hope y'all enjoyed this episode! I'm curious though, because so far all the responses I've seen are saying "ITS GREAT OMGGGG" whereas I was kinda dissapointed... I mean it was a good episode! But after all that build up, the wait, and the hype? Did it live up to much? I don't really think so. If there was no wait and even though it was a milestone in the show they played it off like a regular episode I would have liked it more... But I guess it kinda felt a little let down... Anyone agree? (I'm not dissing the episode though because I mean come on, Lyra had quite a bit to sa
  6. Okay, here's my stance on earlier generations. I haven't seen too much of them because the ones I have seem had no story and were pretty dull, but there are people out there who like them and that's cool but I dont get it. The only "problem" I have with them is because lots of people grew up with them so people think THATS what bronies watch, and no... That's pretty far from the truth I think we'd all agree
  7. Its all okay having to wait an extra week, plus it's taught me to check on this before I watch an episode! Since it doesn't air in my country I rely on the internet to see it so I've been searching to no success to see where it was to finally come here and understand the truth Oh well, have an awesome week anyways guys!!!
  8. Something that I like most about mlp is the lack of the general sitcom situations, so many shows rely upon sexual references to be funny or entertaining. Whereas I find it boring and over done, mlp doesn't need those elements, however its still a great idea and I'd defiantly watch it but I think it would be so diffirent it couldn't be linked at all... (Plus in a sitcom Flash would probably get with Twi and that's a BIIIGGG NO from me)
  9. No way, I've only seen one person do it (not from a big brony area) and I thought it was awesome, talked to her for ages because it was pretty funny. I won't lie, it's slipped out of me before and that made me cringe but if I saw someone else do it I find that amazing
  10. THANK YOU!!! I will be on tonight just to join this fc! I play RS3, thanks for this <3 I would love like crazy to have some cool people like you on RS with me
  11. I had to vote for Fluttershy, and you do too! Know why? Because she looks the best in green, no point in the poll I'm sorry, she's already morally won
  12. Not trying to put you down but no, no they aren't, basically every show with 7 characters has people saying this a few hundred times a day, but it's not true, for this show. I can understand others being more of a maybe, because I don't think that the idea of this show is showing that the seven deadly sins work well togheter, it just seems wrong. I see your point but honestly its more likely to be the virtues, or maybe even the karath, since the show has lots of mythology... Either way no, I really disagree with the idea this show is about the seven deadly sins
  13. Heya Alex! What channel and when!? Because if season 5 comes on TV I'll be so happy!!! Season 1 - 3 has played on tv2 in the mornings at about 7 am
  14. It was, still is, and shall remain Fluttershy! When I first started getting into the show I watched stuff about it on YouTube, after finding quite a few Fluttershy videos I found myself finding her funny annnnd so there we go!
  15. KiwiPony

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Well I'm a mix! Like yesterday was my birthday so that was awesome, however it means I've just woken up with a realllyyy sore throat. This is mostly annoying because I'm off to work in about 2 hours with this sore throat and then I'm celebrating my birthday with my friends tonight soooo this throat could make things very difficult haha! But hey, I can't complain, at least I got a job and get to celebrate so woop!
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