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    Be Loved For Who You Are, Not Who You Should Be
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    I've mentioned them already but I love HALO, DooM, MARVEL vs CAPCOM, and much more. I hate lesbian shipping of the ponies. I hate the name Derpy Hooves. When you talk to me, you call her Ditzy or Ditzy Doo. Say Derpy once, and the conversation is over. It's a thing I have. I have 3 "Best Ponies" and they are also my favorite ponies in this order: Rainbow Dash, Ditzy Doo, and Applejack. There's no such thing as "Best Pony Race." Because each are powerful than another in one way. And once united to the others by friendship or love become unstoppable.
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  1. ANGEL33

    How Far Would You Go?

    I like the way you think I'm not answering because everytime I do you throw something at me to totally wreck it.
  2. ANGEL33

    How Far Would You Go?

    High powered rifle. Take out the target at a distance. No injury to yourself or pony.
  3. ANGEL33

    How Far Would You Go?

    Not if you handle it accurately. Rather than a rampaging idiot.
  4. ANGEL33

    How Far Would You Go?

    Not really, they'd take their sweet time. And by the time they'd do something. It'd be too late.
  5. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    I mean any level of darkness. I don't want any of it near MLP.
  6. ANGEL33

    How Far Would You Go?

    Here's a good question for you all. You're with your favorite pony/ponies. And their life is threatened by someone or something. How far would you go to protect her/him/them? I would do anything to keep my favorite ponies safe.
  7. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    You have a very good point there, my friend.
  8. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    I hope you know I'm joking. But I'm glad that we agree on this. Back on topic, those scary alternate timelines were too dark for me. And that's saying something. I've never said something's too dark for me. But those timelines were dark and I hope to never go down that road or any dark road like that with this show. They're all vile, all heartless, and all evil.
  9. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    I think I'm in love with you
  10. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    Criminal? He's a monster! He hurt so many ponies it's not even funny and it's not.
  11. ANGEL33

    How Dark do you want FiM to be?

    I don't want it dark. If it gets too dark. I'm afraid some pony may end up 6 feet under and I don't want that. No one wants that. Regardless of what they say. They don't want any pony or dragon to die. There's only one I want to die. That's because he's a devil. Pure evil, and has hurt so many ponies, Tirek. He's the one that should die.
  12. ANGEL33

    Why did Discord betray the Mane 6?

    He was a gigantic ass that's why. Now that he's truly reformed. That's shrunk to being a social ass.
  13. ANGEL33

    Mythology of MLP origins

    Ok, be ready to have your mind blown. In the beginning there was Lauren, then she created Equestria. When she was happy with what had created. She made Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Then every single pony you know and love. I give you Equestria: GENESIS
  14. Is there a tv show, cartoon, movie, video game character you can relate to in someway? In here you can say who they are, where they're from, and how you relate to them. For me it's Johnny Gat from SAINTS ROW. Loyal to the end, literally has traveled to Hell and back for a friend, and would do anything to be with his beloved Aisha who was murdered. That's all the same for me. I'd do the same to be with the one I love.