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    Tron City in Lower East Equestria
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    Be Loved For Who You Are, Not Who You Should Be
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    I've mentioned them already but I love HALO, DooM, MARVEL vs CAPCOM, and much more. I hate lesbian shipping of the ponies. I hate the name Derpy Hooves. When you talk to me, you call her Ditzy or Ditzy Doo. Say Derpy once, and the conversation is over. It's a thing I have. I have 3 "Best Ponies" and they are also my favorite ponies in this order: Rainbow Dash, Ditzy Doo, and Applejack. There's no such thing as "Best Pony Race." Because each are powerful than another in one way. And once united to the others by friendship or love become unstoppable.
    My email is ichigouchih@gmail.com
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