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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Novel nods "I would enjoy that very much so Seth" she says softly and with a loud yawn. Novel is eager and excited to learn how to fly for the first time, but she doesn't want to bug Seth ((Heads up I'm getting very busy with school and work. I'll respond when I can but feel free to move on without me too. The summer I won't have much free time))
  3. Novel looks nervously at him "if you are sure I really do not want to bother you and it really is not important" she says hurridly and quietly, wanting to drop the issue out of embarrassment of her inability to fly like a normal pegasis. She looks away
  4. Novel whimpers and looks away in shame "I do not want to be a burden on you, but I really need to learn" novel mumbles in embarrassment. She really needs to learn how to fly or at least control her wings to a degree. It is embarrassing for her to not know how to fly
  5. Novel smiles and nods "yes dear, thank you" she says with a warm smile. After a moment her smiles falters and she looks down in embarassmemt "um Seth" she says "I cannot fly. I" she hesitates "I never learned at all. My mother never could teach me in time" she says
  6. Novel flapped her wings faster and faster, growling at the fact that she can't seem to have the right control. Her mother taught her how to fly but her muscles are so sore and rusty that she can't even do her rotation exercises. This frustrates her quickly and her pace whips up a wind
  7. Novel took no notice to Daawnily standing there, but instead would waste no time in moving towards the guild. She is focused on one thing and that is to finish this meeting so she can study while she's there. Novel pulls out the note and searches for the location of the meeting. Of course it was a location she had be too before so she knew where to go. She never forgets much of anything and is a walking database of knowledge.
  8. "They were tiny and I value magic more than flight " she says. Novel is now sitting up on the bed and begins to move her wings around, struggling to gain control and comfort with them. Little did she realize her pace of her wings would increase as she became more frustrated
  9. Novel does as instructed and huffs in frustration. She is very restless tonight and cannot seem to figure out just why. Novel moves to get up, slowly because she is not used to her body yet. Since her wings are much bigger than she remembers they are causing problems and she has a lot on her mind
  10. "I'm fine" she grumbles, her wings twitching and moving around restlessly across the bed. Folding them up is not helping, but leaving them out keeps her from sleeping. Novel knows she will have to get used to having them soon enough or she will never be able to use them.
  11. Novel flicks her wings in her sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night. Her whusband bfs twitch and move around in agitation and frustration. She cannot get comfortable with her newly released wings and her tail. Her tail swishes back and forth across the bed
  12. She spreads out her wings across the bed on her side. It felt so strange to have them free once more. Novel lovingly burrows into Seth and smiles against his scales after the kiss "I love you too Seth" she whispers before falling asleep. ((Alright sounds good ))
  13. Novel slips and stumbles several times, forgetting that she has wings. But she has not used them since she went into hiding. Her wings are bent awkwardly and she sighs heavily once she reaches the bed. Her horn glows and makes the bed a lot bigger to accommodate their new sizes and allows them both to sleep comfortably
  14. She laughs and burrows. After a moment she pulls away from his neck and kisses his check softly. "I love you too darling" she says and then novel yawns loudly "I'm tired Seth. Can we go to bed now?" She asks, clearly exhausted and worn out from the events of the day
  15. She grins and approaches his "luckily we both have the proper dracony height proportions so things won't be awkward" she says and burrows into his neck and coos "you're truly stunning. And it makes you more powerful as a night guard" she jokes, nudging him
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