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  1. Novel peeks at the scroll, curious. But she looked away, better not get her nose into trouble. Novel yawns and looks at the princess "Is there anything I can offer you Princess Celestia, my home is yours" she says, bowing her head slightly in respect. She enjoyed the company of others, especially from those she respects greatly.
  2. Novel nods, handing the books over to the princess. She sits down and sighs sadly, fearing for her brother and his safety ((Heads up, I'm dealing with some serious family emergencies so I am not living in my home anymore. So please understand if I take a while to reply))
  3. "Yes but I now have journals on the events of what's happening now and a more updated version of the passages" novel looks at Celestia and sighs. Maybe she does not understand the importance of knowing the climate of the town of battle rather than going in cold. Oh well, novel just wants to help
  4. Novel squeals in delight "here you are!" She yells and gallops back to her study "now Celestia, the books before you are my brothers journal, Sombra's book on the empire, a book from their castle library on the inner workings of the city, and my personal collection of the history of the empire from the royalties themselves"
  5. "There are three books in the middle of the study" she calls, trotting to the other room, still searching "Seth knows what they look like! I need to find one more!" Novel is yelling when she is running around searching for this book. She needs to find it no matter what
  6. She remembers a book that she took from her home. But where did she put it? Novel gets up and begins to frantically search, knowing that is the last book to complete the set that her brother was trying to send her on the inner workings of the empire. Books are flying everywhere, knowing that finding this one book is more important than her no magic policy when it comes to grabbing books. She had too many. Piles tumble and crash to the flow as she searches wildly for this one old leather bound book with three crystals on the cover.
  7. The door is unlocked, not that she would hear a knock or noise anyway. Novel was too engrossed in her reading to hear anything from the outside world. She munched on her lunch, while turning page after page. This is amazing! Her brother really is something else, she raised him well. Novel swells with pride, little did he know he has a huge role in the downfall on Sombra. His knowledge is so very crucial.
  8. Novel sat, reading page after page. Her excitement was building with every word. This is exactly what they needed. She needs to remember to really thank Star Quill when the empire is saved from harm. She giggles in pure joy, knowing they can now win the war.
  9. Novel wastes no time in beginning to read through the new books. She was giggling like a filly at the new knowledge. Star Quill had kept amazingly detailed records of the Crystal Empire and what was going on during Sombra's reign. Her brother, the scholar. She smiles at the thought and then glances at the new books. One she knew, detailed records of the kingdom before Sombra and the other... She gasps. No. Sombra's archives of the castle. She hurriedly puts a protective spell over the book, not allowing for it to be traced.
  10. Three books dropped from the glow. She giggles "star quill always has to drop things" she eagerly sets her food down and goes quickly to the new books. One was a journal and two appeared to be from the crystal library deep within the castle. She grins "Seth, get the princesses"
  11. Novel takes the food to her study. Always eat and learn, never waste time ever ever ever. She has to make her family proud. As she returned a light began to glow in the center of the room, something was being teleported Into her study. She grins, Star Quill
  12. Novel pauses and nods "Yeah that would be a good idea. But I cannot spend too much time eating. Time is ticking and I have so much work to do" she says, looking longingly toward her study. She sighs and goes to the kitchen. She has a lot of greens and fruits scattered about in separate piles in the fridge. She gets a plate of leafy greens and several apples.
  13. Novel runs off to find her ink. Where did she put it? The kitchen? She does have storage there. Most likely she kept it in her room? She does not really remember. So, she runs around the house searching. Of course it was in her study room (where it should be kept) and she also pulls three books off the shelves to bring to Steel. She returns to him with a light smile and a quiet voice "Here you are"
  14. Novel pauses and nods "Well alright, it seems to be of good intent. And there are plenty more around. If you are looking for information on curses and breaking them I have more in my study. There are some that I cannot let you have though, dark magic things and can turn ugly if in the hands of a bad pony. I do trust you but I will have to give you the books myself." She looks back "I will return with ink and a few books" she says and trots off
  15. She peeks at his writing "might I ask what you're studying? I pray it is for good and not evil or I might need to take action against black magic" novel says calmly. She is interested in his corrections and sighs "if my information is wrong feel free to write in the books, just don't cross thing out. Write beneath it"
  16. Novel nuzzled Seth "sorry I snappped" she says softly. Her ears twitch at the sound and she walks towards it. Smiling softly at Steel and Lunar she nods. "I've got tons. What kind do you need and what color?" She asks, peeking at what they are reading. Good choices
  17. She sighs "you were not supposed to see this book is all. But since you have seen it here" Novel says, handing the book to Seth. "It is the history of Celestia's and Luna's royal guards. It was going to be a gift" she says softly, looking away and feeling bad for scolding him
  18. Novel sighs and turns to Seth "I could have gotten it myself you know" she says to him, climbing down off the stool. Novel looks at the book and grins, "my old friend. Tucked away for years and years, now it is time for you to be opened once more" she dusts it off, coughing
  19. ((Sorry, kept getting 502 bad gateway errors)) She found what she needed. Her herbal books. Of course they are always on the top shelf. All her healing related reads were tucked high up out of danger until a time came where she needed them again. She pulled up a stool and reached up to try to get her books, the wobbly stool swaying. Of course she had to do this herself, she does not like somepony else to fetch her books for her. Independence is her way, well it was for some time.
  20. "Not yet. Just stay in this area or grab some lunch. I Am going to be a while. I don't need books high up yet since I am starting low" she offers him a smile "feel free to read. My books are your books" she felt bad, not wanting to ignore Seth but she really didn't have anything she needs just yet. Though eventually food would be a good thing, since she usually forgets to eat when studyig
  21. ((They are. To the roof)) Novel is on a mission. Without a moment of hesitation she goes right for her special collection. She needs to prepare some herbal remedies and study up on battle and healing magic. She scurried around the room. Grabbing books that are within her reach. ((She's a unicorn. But she will never use magic to get a book. Safety stuff. She's had piles fall over due to magic pulling))
  22. They arrive at her home. Novel stops in front of her door and sighs, opening it with a loud creak "welcome. Um pardon the uh mess. It's dusty and cluttered. Kitchen is to your right. And um if you hear things falling over ignore it. It's just a pile of books. It's normal" she offers a smile before allowing the others inside
  23. Novel shrugs. "The more the merrier I suppose" she turns and looks at them with a light blush "just pardon the massive mess of books everywhere. And feel free to read as you desire." She offers them a smile "I also have snacks and food so my house is your house, make yourself at home" she pauses "just avoid destroying things"
  24. Novel gets up at the knock "I'm ready. Did you find steel?" She asks before stepping out. Her face turns a bit pink "o-oh sorry." She says, noticing steel there. "Well I am ready to go. I will need to find some things when we arrive at my home. It may be boring so hopefully you enjoy books" she says to steel
  25. Novel waited for the others, all ready to go. She paces back and forth in her room, a million thoughts going through her mind. Oh she hopes she cleaned or that her place was clean enough for company. What if he thinks she is insane? She is going to battle with Steel and doesn't want him to see her as a loon
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