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  1. she sounds interesting! Can't wait to hear her fic!
  2. I would love to join! Here is my charater: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bright-ideas-r7673 pls reply asap! Thank you in advance! -MFA
  3. mlp-faraway


    I'm new to the forums and the mailmare said to introduce myself! I'm a writer, and artist, an actress, and a singer. I am currently in the process of getting a youtube channel, and a skype. I hope I have an amazing time in the fourms, and the poniverse in general! Thanks for the great welcome! -MFA
  4. Well, each movie had it's strong stuits, like how the first has twilight freting about being a princess, and meeting the human mane six. Rainbow rocks has amazing music and a awsome wafiu-material sunset!
  5. GAMES!!!! GAMES!!! also that otter.... also i have a mac too! But I do not have a tablet
  6. I am one of those people that use like, 10000000000000000000000000ect. emotes :okiedokielokie: also, first!(if i'm board I'm one of those people)
  7. WOAH!!! I only been on here for what, 5min? They have given me such a warm welcome I am so greatful!
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