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  1. I always use PaintToolSAI (
  2. I finished an art request in my request shop hope you like it Youtube: Deviantart:
  3. masyr

    So I drew Luna

    Thanks! i love the great feedback!
  4. Here's a random picture of Luna I drew when I was bored Youtube: Deviantart:
  5. Thanks, but I still see lots of faults with it
  6. This is awesome, I love the shading, and the grass, but umm.. could you give her some wings
  7. I tried out a new type of art style today, but I'm not sure if I like it. Deviant art: Youtube (not very many videos come out just btw) :
  8. My Deviant art: My YouTube: My Website: Hey!! I finished Cinnamon Pop! And here's the speeddrawing:
  9. Thanks ill find a way to do that thanks!
  10. Hey guys just finished this a while ago and forgot to post it on here lol Here it is : (Wolf Tracks)