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  1. So far I have done somethings over the past few months and these are what I have done new. Watch the new Power Rangers Movie (1/4/2017) Drink Dr. Pepper for the first time (1/4/2017) Play Overwatch for the first time (11/4/2017)
  2. I can't believe that your real estate has said that and they are clearly closed minded not interested in people that are suffering depression in their lives. Remember we are here for you.
  3. I feel heartbroken.
  4. Did you animate it yourself?
  5. No one wants to see you leave. You're one of my friends on this website. You won't leave your friends won't you?
  6. Have you tried blocking them? I hope you feel better soon.
  7. I consider myself to be an average fan. Not having to much of one thing.
  8. Today I got a new 3DS with Pokemon Sun and moon. It also came with a free amiibo. I chose the Lucas amiibo and now with him in my collection, I have all the Mother representatives. Overall it was $306.
  9. It's so hard with people using Pokemon that are overused. It's tough beating them and I thought it was easy.
  10. Today I have beaten Pokemon Sun. I beat the champion using Incineroar, Hariyama, Magnezone, Crobat, Kadabra and Zweilous. Also I got 2 shiny Pokemon from a Youtube giveaway a shiny Lucario and Silvally. Lucky me! Also I have reset my Pokemon White 2 for my brother to play.
  11. Well you're not losing me.
  12. On 11th of December 2016, I went mountain bike riding with my uncle, aunty and brother. We drove up to a place called the You Yangs and rode out bikes on the tracks. It was tiring to ride such a long distance. We got up to this rock where we got to ride on to it then fall back down back to the path. I had a try going up the Rock and it was great. We got to got over humps and get some extreme air. Well for my uncle that is. We got up to this hill that was very high and had 3 humps to get over. It looked difficult. So I gave it a try. I started riding my mountain bike as fast as I felt comfortable with and changed my gears to a higher level. I got to the climax of the humps and got some extreme air. I accidentally swerved to the side and tried to keep balance while putting on the brakes, but the brakes were not on my side, the brakes made the back wheel spin to the side and I fell of scraping my right knee minorly and near my left elbow minorly but the elbow was worse. I had to ride all the way back to the car and go home. My aunty went to go buy some patches and antiseptic cream for my arm and we got it patched up. So far my left elbow has gone through its stages where it bleeds then turns watery then scabs up. So far it is going well on its way to recovery. As of my right leg it is totally fine.
  13. I have accidentally made 2 blog entry paths that link you to the actual blogs and I don't know how to delete them. Here is an example of the blog entries:
  14. Happy Birthday Woona!

  15. Why don't you guys just jump back to the Equestria Girls world? That way you can get your hands back. On a serious note, I would miss my hands but it's weird because in the Equestria world, hooves holding cups look pretty cool how they curve their hooves around the cup instead of holding the handle.