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  1. I let out a rather adorable giggle, which didn't help my blushing dilema. I continue walking with Equinox. My smile grows a little bigger. "What a jerk, right? what's a stallion like him doing in the guard? will they just let anypony in? I mean, I know I'm an ex thief, but at least I'm not a chauvinistic pig" i pull a face of disgust
  2. I nod and follow him, paying slightly a bit more attention to his walk, a small smile on my face. But then one of the older recruits whistles at me, "what'cha doing with a loser like this guy, when you can be a real stud, a stud like me" he winks at me, I shrink back and huddle close to Equinox.
  3. I nod again then notice Equinox smiling, and I blush "I...If I may say, you have a wonderfully beautiful smile" I smile back, and then, at the mention of breakfast, my stomach growls, and my blush deepens, "O..oh I'm sorry, I haven't eaten in days" I blush as I follow him to the mess hall.
  4. I squeak again and glance away shyly with a sigh. I think about getting seconds of breakfast, if it was allowed. I get up to go to the serving table, and notice a couple of the stallion recruits staring at me, a few of them even whistle at me. One of the more seasoned recruits gets up and uses his tail to spank me on the flank. I blush and try to get away. "hey cutie, what are you doing here in the guard? You belong somewhere else...say...my bed" he chuckles, trying to pull me in for a kiss.
  5. I nod "Okay gotcha, and yeah, it would be pretty cool. He said I should put my talents to good use." I kind of smile "well that makes sense, what if some of the recruits were bad....we're in the guard for the wrong reasons" I say, and for some reason, couldn't help looking at Equinox, realizing that he was kind of cute.
  6. I squeak and hide behind my mane, and shrinks even further into my chair. But as the blue mare starts the fight, I couldn't help but stare at her, she was actually quite good looking. But she was also fast and strong, I shake my head and try to think of other things, though it was proving difficult to do.
  7. I blush a little "Oh, sorry i did get a bit distracted" I say as i follow him "But the captain said I might be get into the Spec Ops contingent." I say, trying hard to not notice the way he walked with a bit of a sway. "It was quite nice of the Captain to give me this second chance though"
  8. I nod "That's pretty cool, and yes, it was very tough indeed. Always having to watch my back, break into ponies houses or pick pocket and fence their belongings as quickly as possible, mind you my talents helped with that a great deal. But you know, I know that life in the guard isn't going to be easy, but it sure beats living on the streets, and as soon as I can get my own house, it's going to be big so I can shelter the little ones who are lost and alone"
  9. I sigh and finishesmy breakfast. I continue to sit at my table, my head down and trying not to be noticed. I was shy, I really didn't want to be noticed, especially by the stallions who looked like they would try to take advantage of me, I sigh again. "well this is great T, first day to your new life and you have all this to deal with...almost like being on the streets again"
  10. I quickly go to get my breakfast, and find a seat. I look around, there were the new 'recruits' the ones who were fighting had a contingent of guards watching over them, the more computer tech ones were at the one table and discussing hacks and the such, and then I noticed that the blue mare was missing. I shrug it off and continue looking around with a sigh. "s..so many stallions" I whisper to myself and shrink in my chair, trying not to be noticed.
  11. I found it easy to keep up to the blue mare, but she was still quicker than I was. I was mostly physically fit from all my running from the law and stallions trying to take advantage of me on the streets. Then there was the quickness to my steps as I ran, due to the fact that it was part of my stealth talents. I take a quick look behind myself, and shake my head as I see the other recruits either fighting each other, or falling behind. "Such a pity, some of them could turn out alright" I say to myself.
  12. Did EqG Dashie actually have those armwamers/gloves on in the films? 10/10
  13. I need someone to talk with, can someone please talk with me? pm me

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