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  1. Merry BIrthiversary! 

  2. I'm sorry everypony, I completely forgot about this thread.
  3. So, I am posting here to tell all you ponies out there of a minecraft server that I currently run. It's just been started, and I am looking to you guys to help build up the community in it. The server is hosted by Beastnode, and currently runs on 3GB of RAM. It's a Tekkit Lite server, so there should be a lot of interesting things to do there. Currently there is no permissions plugin, so teleports are to be requested atm. As soon as I get permissions working, I will post the update. The IP for the server is - no specific port needed. Hope to see all you lovely ponies there!
  4. Ominous_318 Feel free to add me, I'm almost always up for a call, though you sometimes might get dragged into a group call with me and other people =P I do streams on when I play games sometimes, so I'll let you know beforehand when I'm streaming
  5. For me, I mostly like to drink Dr. Pepper, as well as Barq's Root Beer, and Pepsi... my girlfriend's switched me from Coke to Pepsi a while ago lol
  6. Make a silly comment, "In Soviet Russia, bass drop yoouuuuuu!" Then I'd give her a peck on the lips while she's confused and make her blush, thus making Vinyl even more adorable
  7. I'd bring loads of toilet paper, phone, laptop, monitor, and my PS3. Clothes, I'd probably pack about two week's worth, then do laundry every other week. I'd also bring over a bunch of books for Twilight to read, just so she won't bombard me with a thousand and one questions about where I'm from, etc. I guess I'd also have to bring over a whole buttload of B12 or whatever it is that vegans take so their health doesn't go off kilter.
  8. Really, if I were kissed by Vinyl, I'd kiss her back, and then we'd hang out at her place; have fun partying it up, probably get wasted in the process, and rag on each other while being more flirty than Cadance and Shiny. "I'm gonna go get some soda." "All that sugar's gonna go straight to your ass, you know..." "Good, more for you to grab later tonight."
  9. I for one love the relationship between Twilight and Nyx, who is insanely adorable in her own right. The thing with Nyx though, is that her story could have been fleshed out a little more, especially around the Nightmare Moon bits. I'm not saying it shouldn't have happened how it did, but I personally feel that the events leading up to NMM could use a bit of expansion; the fic could've easily been at least twice as long, maybe more. Anyway, I'm rambling; Nyx is cutest OC in my opinion!
  10. I have a new favorite song -

    1. Lisa


      I recommend this one as well. C:


    2. Pastel


      Flume everywhere!

    3. Lisa


      Flume is a god in EDM. There should be a religion following him. lol

  11. This song..... there are no words... except for "I LOVE THIS!"
  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Found it while browsing the Poniverse page, which I came across at BronyCon 2013 How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My friends wouldn't stop talking about it, and I'd finally had enough of being out of the loop. I went home from school, sat down in my recliner, turned on my laptop, and went to YouTube. I started from the very first episode, and said "You have one season to impress me, go!" The rest was history. I'm an author on FimFiction, with a couple of published stories, as well as one in the works. I'm a tech enthusiast, I listen to almost every genre of music, and I seriously love reading. No, really, I'm like Twilight in that regard, I've already spent a whole day doing nothing but reading on a few times. Anyway, I can't wait to see what adventures await me on this site!