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  1. I…I'm sorry my friends, but my time is up. I can't continue to lead this second life. the looks I receive and the judgments placed above my head by the very few that know of my fandom I tried so hard to keep it contained but it spread like a wild horse running free. This is not a note of depression but a friendly farewell. I won't stop thinking about this part that was my life, but I can't continue down this road. the door is closing fan sites, fan art, and fan fiction. goodbye everypony
  2. It is good to be back after being gone almost a month…. But I have a problem. sadly I believe I will be judged by family and friends for being a fan a starting-brony if you will I have kept it a secret I have seen people I know be treated differently because of their being a fan. do I keep it a secret or what? any advice will help. I feel so lost There is an unexplained joy I feel looking at Fluttershy smile
  3. well ill be honest i don't really watch the show to often, mainly enjoy the artwork. Archer is probably my favorite show next to South Park and trailer park boys
  4. Hello everypony Markiplier is the best
  5. To my fellow Fluttershy fans, a few days ago my account was hacked by someone I used to call a friend, now that everything is fixed and well protected I am back. I say this incase anything was posted that may have offended anypony. This was not my doing, and this post maybe deleted by the members of the royal guard and I understand and thank them for bringing it to my attention. It just troubles me that someone who I thought I could trust would do this, it's one thing to joke with me but going after others under false presences is unacceptable. Again I apologize for any offensive words or "judgements" that may have been posted.
  6. Its all about the Wars! Fanboys over trekies any day
  7. Disaronno and coke but all I really need is a cold beer in my hand
  8. Strangely this is very deep to me the beauty of the art work but the deep nature of what is happening. beautiful and stunning is what I say about this
  9. Oh yeah it will work 100% and it makes soft tacos to lol
  10. Well I just showed how to make a quesadilla with an iron and ironing board
  11. Thanks for the advice will continue the story with the changes.
  12. I'm still getting into MLP I'm on the fence with the show I love Fluttershy and would never want her to go anywhere the only one I think doesn't fit is Rarity. she is very full of herself. a very diamond and riches type of pony she cares about fashion first then friends second
  13. Don't have a skillet or a grill? don't worry! The perfect white trash quesadilla!