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  1. hello everypony, im back and no im not dead. i just wanted to see your most proud pictures/digital art/paintings. as always, *brohoof*
  2. sleep,eat watch MLP. this is the way of life.

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    2. twi1it3 5parkl3

      twi1it3 5parkl3

      yeh its says its trying to find a solution but its taking ages :(


    3. Wicked Funky

      Wicked Funky

      Awww :( Maybe you need to re-intsall?

    4. twi1it3 5parkl3
  3. yeah ill join. i like to play support classes my favourite is kayle ill be joining tomorrow. ps: whats the guild gonna be called?
  4. i mean ranked. anyway i like support classes in most games. and remember: press d to dance. XD
  5. so i was just watching some MLP when i saw that the mane 6 cutie marks all have 3 objects (exculding twilight). even rainbow has three strikes. does anybody know any thing about it? *brohoof*
  6. mostly Pegasuses, cool! i thank you all for the support
  7. so i just wanted to see your OC ponies as inspiration for my own! -_- *brohoof*
  8. Clone Wars Adventures? What's that? its the only one i can remember and its a short lived mmo on the computer, based on clone wars (a star wars cartoon)
  9. i'm interested in what games you played as kids! my first game (and mmo) was clone wars adventures or cwa as far as i can remember. what was yours? id be intrested in some of the older bronies video games! *brohoof*
  10. thank you very much for the support! :3
  11. yeh real nice i wish i could draw like that! :3 *brohoof*
  12. hope you like my second image :3 *brohoof*