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  1. nevergrowingup

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Thank you so much <3 We need more people like you in the world. I just remember that there are some good Christians in the world. Like the Christians that let me and a few younger kids at the front of a concert and my mums cousin.
  2. nevergrowingup

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    I really want to get back into Christianity but... idk. My family and friends aren't Christians, so apparently they're going to hell and that just ticks me off and worries me. I also don't like all the rules, I feel guilty if I listen to secular music. I am also pro-choice and pro-LGBT so that's really controversial too. I also never attend church. I haven't found one that fits... maybe next year I will.
  3. nevergrowingup

    How do you feel about this clown situation?

    Terrified and paranoid :/ I can't believe that some people aren't taking it seriously since the clowns are threatening others.
  4. nevergrowingup

    General What made you smile today? :D

    I woke up and there was a new Chadtronic video. There's a guy at a store and I think he's cute and I got to see him when I bought Yoshis Island DS :3 so I got really happy when I saw him.
  5. nevergrowingup

    General What other "childish" things do you like?

    I like those games that are meant for younger girls. Anything animals, babies, fashion, cooking... I used to play them when I was young, though. Especially fashion games, I'm kinda addicted to New Style Boutique 2 for the 3DS.m I also prefer kids movies to adult movies.
  6. nevergrowingup

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I'm in love with your hair!
  7. I'm only up to season 2 because I can't sit through the episodes very much. I have to be in a very specific mood to be watching it. I do love the fandom though.
  8. nevergrowingup

    General Do you want children?

    I really want to have kids. I'm absolutely terrified of childbirth though. I also want to be a teacher or psychologist, despite wanting to homeschool. I have names picked out and everything. I'm kinda hoping my future kids and my best friend's future kids will be close in age so they can be best friends.
  9. nevergrowingup

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Yeah. It's weird. Why do we need fixed labels on sexuality if it is fluid?
  10. nevergrowingup

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    That is really interesting. I feel kind of guilty for liking guys though. I don't know why. Right now I'm going through a liking-guys phase which only really happens before and a little bit after 'that time of month', so I think hormones are to blame.
  11. nevergrowingup

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Homoflexible? Biromantic demisexual? I feel like biromantic fits me better. Biromantic = I'm attracted to both men and women (I don't really know about the men part) and demisexual = I don't get sexually attracted until there's a strong emotional connection. I do really like women but I wouldn't say no to dating a guy if we connected.
  12. nevergrowingup

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    It's so hard trying to pin-point my sexuality... Like I'm sure I like girls, but I'm not 100% sure I like guys. I wouldn't be able to accept myself if I'm bi because it's kind of black and white for me and I feel the need to just choose a side. I can't really use the term bi-curious because that refers to girls who aren't sure if they like girls, and I'm curious about whether or not I like guys. I never really had any crushes for guys, if any they were short, while I had on and off crushes on a girl for 3 years. I try not to think about her now because she never reciprocated - she always said 'maybe when you move' and 'maybe when you're older', yet always got into relationships with people she met online. (And my brain just shorted out. Sorry for the rant)
  13. nevergrowingup

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    1. 'I should sleep but I'm wide awake...' 2. 'I'm hooked on the Miraculous Ladybug theme song...'
  14. nevergrowingup

    General Do you want children?

    Heck yeah! I like kids. Parenting is something that interests me too. I watch some parent vloggers like the old Shaytards vlogs (don't like the new ones) and read parenting forums and blogs. I'm also really nurturing.