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  1. well i play on the NA servers i got ranked silver 2 near the end of last season but i havent played ranked much this season so far. league name is timemagetim just like it is in every other corner of the internet. and my favorite thing is playing off meta cheese builds.
  2. is this the place to find folks to play with or is that a different thread?
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    ok. so sorry about waiting forever. fixed up and ready to go.
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    Ok. Went through the list of corrections, added the cutie mark story. And assuming it is alright and doesn't count as a past cast interaction I'm ready for any further edits before I get an approval
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    Thank you I did a little reworking. I'll do some more later tonight. And I'm working on an image I swear
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  7. You're awesome. Good man!

  8. I looked back over it and you are right. The third party stuff doesn't cost as much on the Nintendo side as I thought it did. However i maintain my argument that Nintendo doesn't need or rely on 3rd party developers and therefore doesn't really make much effort to accommodate them the way Sony or Microsoft do.
  9. Huntail and Gorebyss are also trade evolutions trade a Clamperl holding either deep sea tooth or deep sea scale. and as far as the GTS goes offer something like version exclusives or starters or pokemon that are always in demand like zoura, riolu, eevee, etc. on the gts for something rather than searching for something, its much faster and less stressful I ran him in OU for a long time and he held his own fairly well and im not the only one I've seen use it. you would be suprised what can be run well on OU only 2 members of my OU team are in OU teir and i have a great winrate. other good options are slowbro, rotom wash or heat or magnezone dont worry, he reappears on top of spear pillar if you faint him
  10. I'm just going to address these one at a time... "Not putting out the best product that they can" - Nintendo produces excellent products. In the last decade in a main title game like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or anything that is relatively under appreciated such as Pikmin, Tomadachi life or even the new Captian Toad these games are from a design and quality perspective flawless. Each delivers hours upon hours of engaging gameplay. Only on rare occasions have I heard of any gamebreaking glitches that exist in the games and those recently have been patched in a matter of days. (See the Lumiose City save glitch from Pokemon X and Y and how it was patched in less than 72 hours) If you are referring to graphics they actually played it smart. if you look at the new TVs that are coming out now and some of the games that are played on them they are incredible. We have actually technologically surpassed that resolution that the human eye is capable of seeing. What this means is that making bigger and better graphics is reaching a wall of impossibility. After another generation or two we will have reached the peak graphical capabilities that we as humans are able to process. However even with the lower graphical capabilities of every Nintendo console when compared to the other consoles of its generation, Nintendo games often look better. They rely on the aesthetic, the way the game looks. This is why we can play the old Windwaker for gamecube (2003) without complaint because it still looks good in its style, where on the other hand Max Payne 2 (also 2003) looks horrible with its clunky old graphics. If you are talking about the hardware quality then bear in mind how difficult it is to break their things. The 3DS wasn't allowed to be released until it was proven that it could consistently be dropped from a height of 5 feet onto a concrete floor. "They screw over 3rd party developers and make their consoles super weak" - ​As stated above Nintendo doesn't make weak consoles. They don't push the limits of their consoles and prefer to make cheaper consoles. (Wii U currently sells for 300 at the most and as little as 200 whereas the Xbox One and PS4 don't come under 350 and up to 600) Yes their third party support is not good and even worse for the Wii U but that is the purpose. Nintendo doesn't support itself on 3rd party games like the others. If all 3rd party games were yanked from the three systems the Wii U is the only one that wouldn't crash and burn. Nintendo in its desire to experiment and reach out for new styles of gaming (see the success of the Wii if you need proof that's a good strategy) Lets be honest Nintendo's systems don't lend themselves to 3rd party developers very well just due to system setup. Nintendo loses a lot of money on failed 3rd party games and weeding them out makes good economical sense. "If they do get a 3rd party game then it will have sections missing or only have half of the game or be a gimped version" - Like I said. Often 3rd party developers can't change certain aspects of their game to work with Nintendo consoles or controllers. The Wiimote is pretty unorthodox and hard to design around especially if you are trying to release on multiple consoles. However you just need to look at the sucess of the Wii to know that isn't an issue for Nintendo and isn't making them any less relevant. "They love to copyright youtube content that mentions their games. That is bad for business" - Actually YouTube loves to take down content. They have a system of "Content ID matches" which automatically flags a video as being copyrighted and their software removes it. Nintendo has worked with many larger channels of their own accord and smaller channels that reach out to them through mediums such as email and twitter to get their channels whitelisted on YouTube and prevent their videos from being removed. "When you are in last place and don't adapt then you are like Nintendo" - I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say here... If you are saying that Nintendo doesn't adapt to their issues i would argue that you are mistaken. Honestly they often innovate in a direction opposing the issues and shortcomings of their previous consoles. "I love Mario and Zelda games to death but they can't pump those out to support a console without limiting the experience that you could have or having only a few games." - Actually Nintendo can and will continue to support itself on its main series. Of the top 50 best selling games for Wii 34 were made by Nintendo and all of the top 15 were Nintendo made as well. For the Nindendo DS only 2 of the top 40 best selling games were non-Nintendo made both consoles outsold their competition Wii selling 100 million units VS the 80 million sold by Xbox 360 and PS3. The DS has sold 150 million units since its release and the 3DS is over the 100 million mark. If every PSP and PS Vita unit is counted together it hasn't surpassed either one alone sitting on only 70 million units. "They need to drop the Wii and Wii U label because it just sounds stupid and go for the Super Nintendo II or Ultra Nintendo or something like that." - This one is nothing but pure opinion. The name of the console really has nothing at all to do with sales of the unit (see above) Nintendo is doing just fine for itself. It isn't in last place. Economically they are actually in first. And in my opinion it will continue to do so. The Wii U was a flop at launch but it is slowly picking up the slack. It won't ruin the company, They will continue to support it. And come the next console Nintendo will continue to advance and to innovate its way into yet another generation ahead of the pack.
  11. Klefki i would just give toxic over switcheroo and find it a handier item. chansey isnt much use in the metagame anymore i would suggest running a bulky attacker. you have sweepers, you have walls, and you have an annoyer. try something that can take a hit and dish one back out. something like metagross or rhyperior with assult vest
  12. I really do have to disagree. Nintendo is still the powerhouse in gaming. At least console and handheld gaming. They honestly have zero competition in handheld gaming. And the Wii U while not their best work is selling well and will only continue to do so. It didn't have a powerful launch but it's still going fantastic for them as a company. I understand the frustration of not having much third party support but guess what this strategy eliminated as competition? PCs. Nintendo has no competition with PC that Playstation and Xbox both have to fight. Let's be honest here when push comes to shove a solid gaming PC can always outperform the Playstqaion or Xbox. But the Wii U isn't fighting against that. Also Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario and Metriod can probably sustain this company alone. Also take into account the fact that Nintendo has no competition to speak of in all of Asia. There are dozens of origionally franchises that they have released over there that are just making the states now like fire emblem did a few years ago. Even with the failure of the Wii U launch if you looked at things from simply a money perspective nintendo left both companies in the dust, combined. Nintendo may not have the chokehold on the industry that it used to thanks to the new positions of Microsoft and Sony, the new ways to enjoy PC gaming such as steam and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming. I think that nintendo will still be in the lead on this race up till the day that consoles basically stop. (With the rapidly lowering costs of producing higher and higher quality PCs that day is coming soon and these gaming companies will basically switch to making software for said PCs. Basically you will be purchasing an emulator.)
  13. I'm competetive and know a lot about the meta game and would be happy you help you out any time I can help. However, it may be easier to do it yourself. if you have a hard to get legendary such as deoxys or oh-ho or landorous and more than one game you can trade them put it up for trade in your oras game swtich over to xy and trade it for the ledgendary you have already waiting there.