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  1. Sorry I've been awhile.

  2. secound life pony time

  3. ....................epically awesome episode!
  4. Break is coming soon " yay"

  5. Blazebolt

    Music What's your ringtone?

    My ring tone is winter wrap up
  6. Lost my muse , fan fic on hold.

  7. No snow still and we need it , this is not good.
  8. A bronze mask I have had for all my life , it is precious to me.
  9. Fez's are cool.

    1. Blazebolt


      Lost my muse. fan fic on hold.


  10. My favorite teacher I have ever had was my Junior high teacher Ms. Celeste , she was the kindest teach I ever had .
  11. My fanfic is sffering do to all the writing I am doing for my GED class.

  12. I supported the Stormcloaks because they are fighting for their home land and their right to worship Talos a man who became the 9th divine , which is proven when you when you go to sovngarde and he is not there sitting on A solid gold throne . I don't hate or like the empire , they are just trying to avoid a war with the Thalmore who could probably wipe them out or severely cripple them . (Also they did not try to behead me.)
  13. Nevada: Their is no snow here and we need snow and rain . We are in a drought . It's getting bad in California too.
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