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  1. Opinions on 'joining the herd' or any other fandom. I needed to write about this because it's something that's close to my heart even though I can be considered a hypocrite whilst writing this... So you loved a fandom for as long as you can remember... for me it's pokemon(this is relevant I swear) and then people suddenly start rushing to it because it's deemed 'poplular' Just imagine you were those first few people on 4chan, the original 'bronies' and then suddenly everyone joins the bandwagon, the question i'm asking is do you feel salty about it or are you just happy that the franchise you love is gaining popularity? The best example I can give you is Pokemon go. I've loved Pokemon since I was old enough to read, heck Pokemon games probably taught me to read properly. I had to tolerate all the bullying from pre school to high school. Then suddenly this little app gets loads of attention then the very people who gave me a hard time when I was younger are downloading it and playing it is it really okay? Now I joined the MLP fandom purely by accident. I had a faze when I was about 15 about collecting my little pony toys this was during G3 guys (don't judge McKay?) and I would be the nerd in school with the MLP umbrella that was designed for 5 year olds and they would mock me. Then years down the line me and my special somepony were out of town and were in a toy shop. I saw a theme deck with a pony in the front I recognised as Rainbow Dash (little did I know how much she's changed since G3 lol) but I actually mocked the art style and thought it looked too cartoonish. But for a laugh me and him bought two decks cause we were staying at his family's pub and we needed to kill time. When we got back I had no idea how complex this freakin game was! I mean last I heard MLP was for under fives. So hours later we figured it out had a few games and really enjoyed it and wen back the next day to buy some boosters (and by some I mean pretty much the whole case) now I've been known for fazes, I once had a thing about mine craft and animes such as death note an bleach but they fizzled out (which was probably what my boyfriend wanted to happen) I spent too much of our wages on poke merch as it was) But as you do you have a Google and change your Facebook picture to whatever you're into at the moment and the more I delved into the Internet the more I realised that 'bronies' adult males of this kids cartoon was a thing. So we got back from holiday pony cards and all and I remember having a couple of extra days off than him. And out of curiosity I watched this hyped up pony show and boom it was the second most hooked I'd been on anything. And I encouraged my normal adult male boyfriend to watch it too and Suprise Suprise he loved it. (Rarity is his best pony) I will insert a placeholder here of why I think Rarity is important for another blog... So tangent over when is and isn't it okay to board a hype train? With Pokemon go everyone had heard of Pokemon and have a basic idea of what it is about and I'm peeved it got so much popularity in pokego even if it is helping their stocks(Pokemon was my thing goddamnit!) if you go to my profile you will see a really derpy picture of me in my poke shirt when I was about 8... But then i joined this pony bandwagon with no remorse... Was I being too harsh? Because everyone has different experiences when joining a fandom was it right for me to assume people just want to get on board the latest trend only to leave it when it fizzles out? Lemme know what you think about the issue and I apologise in advance for my gibberish...
  2. http://justarandompersonpassingtough.tumblr.com/post/149574598179 I met a girl on equestria amino who was lovely enough to make some art for me. She said she sent it in PNG format but when I received it it was in JPEG. I was wondering if anyone had the skill/knowledge to do it for me. I dont have nor know how to use photoshop and ive tried opening the images in MS paint and inkscape and converting them but its had no effect. Thanks in advance.
  3. I really need a vector puppet for my channel if you are unsure what that is its a vector such as lightning bliss, dr wolf and ilikekimpossiblealot use for conveying emotions. (just youtube them and youn will see what I mean) Although I've dropped this in the requests section I am more than willing to pay, it's just my post in the commisions section is still awaiting approval after a couple of days. Some things to bear in mind before you get in touch: I need it to be as show style as possible! I've seen so many awesome styles these last couple of years but I need this particular project to look as canon as possible. I will need a rough quote. Whilst i am happy to pay for the quality of work done I'm not made of bits so there's no point getting in touch if each emotion is $100 each I would need a minimum of 8 different movements so It's gonna be a large project to start up so if you are up to your neck in commisions I'd hold off for a while. The images must be in PNG format! (probably the most important thing on here) I am very patient but I would Ideally like it as soon as possible 2 weeks is a little too long to wait since I want to get content out before then although I know some vector artists take longer than others and that's fine. A rough estimate of how long it will take is appreciated. I will pay by paypal. you *WILL* be credited for your work in description and/or credits with a link clearly directing my potential veiwers to your choice of self promotion website be it deviantart, tumblr or wherever you dump your creative pony stuff :3 If you are interested get in touch via pm and I will give you the references of what I would like thanks so much in advance! P.S I am in the UK so if you are in a different timezone I may take a while to reply but I will be checking back here constantly!
  4. Found these awesome stickers and sticker albums today *so hyped* I reside in England anyone got them overseas yet?
  5. Hi.

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      Welcome back.

      Great to see you again.

      Sorry, gonna go to bed now.

      Talk to you later.

  6. RainbowTashie

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    I'm just sitting here in the UK still waiting for a release when everyone has cheated to get it >.<
  7. RainbowTashie

    S05:E22 - What About Discord

    I'm still trying to figure out Discords intentions in this episode. Was he trying to develop Twilight more or was he just screwing with her?
  8. RainbowTashie

    Starlight Glimmer double cross

    With the season 5 finale being a little lackluster to say the least I like to headcanon that Starlight is going to spend the whole of the new season with the mane 6 supposedly learning friendship lessons only to double cross them at the end being even more badass then before. What are your thoughts on this? I just can't sit back and be lead to believe a broken friendship can result in a pony altering time and space itself. Also the season 6 finale should result in Starlights true redemption and she should become an alicorn. Her magic is on par with Twlights and she can freakin' fly already! doesn't that make her the ideal candidate?
  9. RainbowTashie

    General How long does it take you to fall asleep?

    I'm not gonna lie and say oh i'm an insomniac (because being one or at least lying that you are one seems cool these days) i'd say it only takes me 20 minutes at most.
  10. RainbowTashie

    General What is your dream job?

    I'd love to be a farmer and live off my land. The whole sending my animals to slaughter thing would not be an option though. Maybe it's because i've played harvest moon games for too long.
  11. RainbowTashie

    Are the 6 slaves to the map?

    The map has run dry for me already. I mean it didn't seem like a great idea in the first place it's merely a convenient plot device. If they carry it on in S6(Which they probably will) i will be dissapointed...
  12. RainbowTashie

    Gaming Story of seasons(harvest moon)

    Oh thankyou so much! sorry i posted it in the wrong place :/
  13. I know people in the US have had this game for a while but anyone wanna chat about or add my friend code i've only had it a month or so.
  14. RainbowTashie

    Music What's your ringtone?

    Mine is genuinely the 8 bit mlp theme tune available on ios if you want it
  15. I am looking for an artist who can do her in exact show style i have had some wonderful commisions done for me with the artists unique styles coming through and that's awesome but I want her to look exactly show style if anyone can do this for free or paid please pm me. Work below by Hexy, Princess Starlight Bridge and Deerkittens respectively.