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  1. Hello again, everyone! New story on my FIMFICTION account, The Mickey Dilemma! Feel free to check it out! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/339586/the-mickey-dilemma

  2. I mean think about it. The 'ponies' walk upright like humans, so maybe they have evolved over time like how humans have evolved. As well as that, the technology has significantly evolved, and they prefer technology over magic. These are a few reasons, so do you think it's fair to think that way?
  3. Equalists will be oblilerated! Who shall win the fearful battle? A giant robot with a million health, capable of shooting destructive lasers at will and smash anything in his way, or an Equalist who can use her professional magic to do alot of destruction and tricks? Battle!
  4. Build a superportal with the magic they have there and take over with my army of minions.
  5. That's true but remember the combines don't have magic.
  6. Who wins and how long does the war take? By the combines I mean the ones from half life 2 (the ones from overworld and the human ones).
  7. I swear to god if jar jar binks is in it..
  8. Yeah, well, you have to remember that FIMFiction is a very, very large membered site, many being trolls too. They probably deal with alot of stuff (the admins) every day, and they don't really have the 'time' for specific things like this. Not saying it's not important, but I think a lawsuit is exageration, don't ya think? I'd suggest, personally, to just use fanfiction.net, since it's WAYYYY less moderated than FIMFiction.
  9. YES! Adding a poll right now. Sorry!
  10. Which one would you rather have as a death? And you can't choose none I would personally prefer to starve, I mean, yeah, sure, it takes longer, but you'll probably fall unconscious with no pain or fear soooo.. Yeah xP
  11. What do you do now? I would make chocolate rain and chocolate fountains and make the castle cooler.
  12. So yesterday was april fool's day What jokes did you do?
  13. Mainly because I find the community so nice and great Not many communities are like that. And it's also fun to forum and meet new people. Yup
  14. Such in a goody goody mood today! I like it! :D

  15. Ohhhh boy writing a new fanfic. Not out yet but follow me if you wanna see more ^_^ : http://www.fimfiction.net/user/iDashingRainbow

    1. Mouse


      Hey, good luck on your fanfic... But as a long-time user of that site, I gotta let you know that most people on fimfiction, for whatever reason, really dislike Cupcakes spinoffs. (I'm guessing that's what you're going for, because you put the word "cupcakes" as a hint). But it's your story, so do whatever you think is good yourself. Just giving you a friendly reminder that it might not be received well on there.

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