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  1. I want to go to New Zealand I have always wanted to go there and see the whole middle earth thing and see if gas is like a 1$ and see what goes on down there.
  2. Well then where the king ( yes i know there can be a queen with out a king) but in short there is no King in any way shape or form. I think the real reason is that Hasbro wants to give the whole Disney thing with princess as the good girls and queen is usually for the villain in a way. maybe IDK
  3. Welcome and where happy to see you and if you want to see some good fan made stuff you should head on over to the ( Octavia's hall ) in the forms and see some good MLP fan stuff and even put your own out there for other pony to see .
  4. Hello and welcome !!! Nice to see you here and I hope you have some fun on the form and I see you in to Role Playing ( I am myself ) if you want to get to the good RP I would suggest (general discussions) there a good place to talk with the other and get you MLP rank you so you can do some good RP. Hope to see you in a RP session.
  5. ALL OF Paper Mario 64 now as a adult is much easier but when I was a kid that whole game was just one big puzzle and as a kid I saved up for a strategy guide and every time I played it I kept it next to me. But now I know that game like that back of my hand. But there was a part in paper Mario 64 that always got me the (DARK FOREST) where lady bow is the path to get to her is one heck of a puzzle now as an adult is easy but as a kid i was the hardest thing in the game for me. PS: (any parts in a RPG game where you need to be a certain level to do something or kill the boss cuz he too strong. its not cuz its hard it just annoying !!! (ex Fallout/ Paper Mario / Borderlands Kingdom harts / final fantasy / Earth bound and others )
  6. Trying to not get mad on how stupid people are sometimes (ex co workers ) and when some one think there dumb ideas on something is right with no room to reason I am trying to learn to just let it go.
  7. Amazon . they might have what your looking for but outside that IDK.
  8. Flowers ... I know yes they smell good (sometimes) but people don't take care of them so they wither and die and the smell awful.
  9. I think its coming out but IDK. I will give it till E3 and will see and IDK if it even going to be good cuz I didn't like New Vegas it was just too rushed for my tasted. So who even knows it gong to be good at all.
  10. Spore !!! Don't get me wrong it "Fun" ... but when it you get to spaze you get bored with in like a hour and all it is just getting spices and selling and s****y missions for like 3 hours and it goes on and on.
  11. DO IT!!! BUY IT UP!!! BUY IT ALLLLL UP!!! *(Mass Affect) I say do it I am into MLP CCG and I got a deck for all the main 6.
  12. Nice to see you Friend!!! We are much the same you and I and I hope to see you talking about the show with me on the Forms talking MLP!!! O and good to see you here.
  13. The Imperial Cuz of one small reason...
  14. In this pony opinion ( Don't Get Those ) I got those headphone and they sucked they were just 5$ headphones that you get out of a Kids Meal and I went thought 3 of them and they all where bad i got mine at hot topic and for like 12$ and i got what i paid for.They were bad cuz (too quite and old songs / there made with cheap material and don't like the thought of any water and when I open it to try to fix and make it good the parts are OLD and not on par with a head set from ... ... anywhere). But if you buying them as a collectors piece there good to look at. But to answer your question Hot Topic sells them for like 10/20 $.
  15. I would rent a place with solar panels if I could. PS: My place has solar panels and we get a sum of money every week cuz we have 7 super high end panels and we make lots of power and the power company gives us like a 4$ a week and over the course of the year it adds up.