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  1. The episode was so meta. Even at the beginning where Rainbow Dash says AK "...never goes to conventions." eyyyy Ashleigh Ball. I thought Quibble was a believable character, dudes like him definitely exist in any fandom and daily life. They also got cosplay in there, anime ponies, body pillows, fan-fiction... haha loved this episode it was a pretty funny satire.
  2. *Sneaks up behind you and pounces on your tail*

    1. Melon Blitz
    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      *presses f to pay respeks*

  3. Yay another Swede, Welcome!
  4. Fhaolan is the bestttttttttt! \ o /
  5. Melon Blitz


    Welcome to the forums big bird \ o /
  6. Finally finished a character I have been working on, Remedy. Process:
  7. great advice from Neil Gaiman

  8. I always get super frustrated trying to learn new things, I guess the frustration lets me know I'm flexin my mind. No pain no gain?

    1. PacificGreen


      Yeah pretty much.

  9. Do you ever want to type what's on your mind, spend an hour wrtiting it, only to delete it cause you think "that's dumb." Haha, one of those days.

    1. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Most of the time, yes XD

  10. I would consider shortening the story down from one hour to something more manageable. You could even just make them 5 or 10 minute episodic things. I've tried a few times to animate in SFM and it took me days just to do 10 - 20 seconds worth of animation, so maybe you can find a quicker method of animating as well.
  11. Season 6 is almost here already O:

  12. Hey Melon, it's been ages! How've you been? :D

    1. Melon Blitz

      Melon Blitz

      currently away traveling across the united states by car. currently stopped in new jersey, driving to georgia tomorrow morning. Final destination is las vegas. How are you, crazy horse lady.

    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Oh wow, so much sightseeing eh? I hope had/continue to have safe travels. And I hope you come across some nice fetlocks on your journey! XD


      Crazy horse lady...never a more accurate term. Lol! I'm doing ok, nothing super exciting. I'm just about to learn more on drawing trees and other background objects. Speaking of which, you went awol on your Tumblr! Unacceptable. :P

    3. Melon Blitz

      Melon Blitz

      Im in Mississippi visiting one of my sisters right now. She lives in a rural area where there are indeed many live horses that all have fetlocks. \ o / Also, you know who draws some sexy trees? Justin Gerard. BAMF


      And wat? awol on my tumblr? I was thinking about making a separate tumblr just for pony things when I got back.