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  1. I accidentally bleached part of my mane..... just go with it
  2. "the dentist says i have no cavities!"
  3. I am off of work for a long weekend, and i have pretty much been camping out in my living room, i accidentally left my pony plushies out when i had a few friends come over. dont think there gona let me forget
  4. YES! constantly i have over 100 on my phone now and im still constantly looking for new good ones, but i dont really like the ones with the mane six, mostly perfer background characters like spitfire, fleetfoot, lyra, ect.... makes it so the writer dosent need to stick to the way we see the main characters
  5. I love it send more, never see much griffon artwork but i suppose i haven't looked very hard
  6. Wow buddy your stuff is amazing, i would really love to see more of your griffon drawings
  7. Hello, im always happy to meet new friends, so if anyone wants to chat my Skype name is gouunta
  8. Hello I was reading a few days ago and i got this idea to try and make MLP inspired clothing but without it being super obvious. The thing I really want to do is get with someone who can help make this a real thing, I don't want just a boring shirt with a big logo or face slapped in the middle screw that that's boreing and to standard, no I want something different, more specifically I want a collard button up shirt with for example spitfires cutie mark on both shoulders or something of that nature. I was thinking what is a good way to say you like this fandom and this series, and I think the best incognito way to do is is to use background characters features or cutie marks Ponies like spitfire and the wonder bolts or Bon Bon and Lyra, characters like that I think this could be a popular thing but everywhere I have tried can't seem to make t happen. If anyone have any suggestions I would love to hear them Thank you for your time
  9. i like this oc. she seems awesome. ^_^

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    2. P-Jay


      alright, cewl

    3. Gouunta


      thanks man i appreciate the offer

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  10. If anyone would like to chat, ill probably be up all night :)

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    2. Gouunta


      I hear ya buddy, just kinda gets lonely :P

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      All I do is dig around on YouTube and before I know it the Suns up

    4. dead
  11. Personally i just think that the female model looks better then the male version. That and they never really show off many males in the show so i guess we got used to seeing all the females, at least thats how it is for me anyway.