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  1. Hi everypony! Long story short : i'm making a Roleplay server on minecraft base as a main carrier, based on Fallout : Equestria series. The main storyline \ LORE will be held before the main story of the book and if all goes well will be futuring the history that happened in main book and PH(Project Horizons(P.S. ok ok! Aaand other's) Main access area : EU (sorry the ping is popping by 100+ from USA and Australia to my hosting D: ) Cap : 10 - 20 (alpha - beta testing main cycle) more after if all goes handy dandy. Tech detail : (Will be here if any body want's them) Plugins \ mods : (al
  2. atieclxx.exe is an ATI event manager...i think you should mention that. And hes not harmfull at all, well if his not infected.
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