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  1. My icon describes just about how I feel atm..

  2. You have to keep in mind that you're watching multicolored talking ponies. Obviously right off the bat, the "target' audience in Lauren's creation was girls about 3-12yrs old. But ever since the staff has become more aware of our presence, they've definitely tried to please us. All while trying to keep to their intended demographic. Obviously the female characters will be shown and interacted with the most because they want to live on Lauren Faust's original intension. Take Power Puff girls for example. (a previous creation of Faust) She was trying to show that just because you're a girl, it doesn't make you any less of a person. You don't have to be all dainty all the time if you don't wanna. Which is a good message for young girls in today's society. Again, they are trying to make dudes in their teens, twenties, even thirties happy while also pleasing little girls. It's not something easy to do. As the show has matured and progressed, the writers have thrown in Easter eggs and more male characters. Most likely because of our surprise appearance. There's been Cheese Sandwich, Discord, Trouble Shoes, Soarin, Double Diamond, Party Favor, King Sombra, Tirek, Fancy Pants, Shining Armor, Big Mac, Mr. Cake, Cranky Doodle, Trender Hoof, and several male background ponies and side ponies in episodes. Taken that a lot of them are not MANE characters. But they play a big enough role for the fandom to notice them and they're there. Which tbh is way better than it was in the early years. You were lucky to have 2 or more dude ponies in the background in a crowd of mares. In my opinion, I would appreciate it if there could be a bit more significance in spike. But I won't go into that or I'll be here all night.
    1. ChikoritaCheezits


      Expressing yourself through music. Good job.

  3. Demons surround me like vultures.. waiting for me to fall. i don't know what to do anymore.

    1. ChikoritaCheezits


      Just stick with me and you'll be okay.

    2. Jeremiah


      Demons... Vultures>? You ok...? anything wrong?

    3. That One Pone

      That One Pone

      There are hard times throughout life but there is an amazing reward on the other side. Go get it ;)

  4. Hi... we haven't really talked much, but, I'm sorry to hear what you've been dealing with... I think you're very strong to be making your way through it all, and please know that you don't have to do so alone. This community, and ChickoritaBrony, will always be here for you, hoping that you get through this okay... please don't give up, because you can get through this, and we know you can, and we'd be happy to help in any ways that we can. *hugs*

  5. You are loved here dear <33 Don't let the mean people win dont listen them *big hug*<3<3

  6. Please don't give up, Pinkiponi. There are those like Chikoritabrony who cares you especially, and I especially do not wish for anything terrible to befall upon you. Stay strong girl:

  7. *hugs* Stay strong PoniPie. Stay strong.

  8. hurts.. I regret everything... I'm sorry

    1. ChikoritaCheezits


      *hugs* I shall stay by your side. Forever and always. I defiantly don't regret being in a relationship with you.

  9. Pinkiponi


    *hugs* I'm glad to hear that. I consider you a friend and a great person. And always remember.. friendship is magic :3
  10. I've added a lot to my about me page. Go check out what I have so far.