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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Syndar


      thanks my friend ^^

  2. when i was born there was Carter in USA and Pertini in my country
  3. Happy birthday! :fluttershy:

    1. Syndar


      thank you mate ^^

  4. Syndar

    [SFM] Lullaby

    i'm happy you like it Actually she is a vampire pony, unfortunately there is no spiderpony model
  5. Syndar

    [SFM] Lullaby

    thanks my friend ^^
  6. Syndar

    [SFM] Lullaby

    neh is not hard, require only a lot of time, but Source Filmmaker is quite easy to learn. You welcome my friend, I really appreciate your support ^^
  7. I have created a little video for the Nightmare Night i hope you like it
  8. I live in Rome, the population is near 2 873 598 but the estimate dates back to 11/30/2016, so i think for now i won XD
  9. Pizza with ananas? Seriously? what's wrong with you americans? it's a joke don't worry , but i'm considered myself lucky for live in the country where pizza is born. Yes Italy have much problems, this is true, but at least pizza is pizza :-P and is not expensive with 25 € (26,4 $ ) you have a pizza, 1-or-2 supplì* and a good beer, and most importantly not from a chain * Supplì are croquettes made with rice, tomato, and mozzarella fried or baked in owen (but better fried), are wonderful hot here a photo and a recipe if you want try to make on your own
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Here for you an animation in SFM, originally born for celebrate the 50 watchers on deviantart. The enemy is bread because in the italian bingo ( ot "tombola" in italian) the number 50 is associated at the figure of the bread. I hope you enjoy it this is the image on DA