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  1. I was practicing linear algebra.
  2. I am INFP-T Introverted 88% Intuitive 84% Feeling 85% Prospecting 72% Turbulent 72% And 2w1 on the Enneagram thing.
  3. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Oh, a photo ? Um, okay, why not .
  4. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Oh, I am so happy . Everything has gone right. I can finally stop worrying and get sleeping .
  5. I'm so happy, yay !

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    2. Barpy
    3. PleasantPetrichor
    4. ConcorDisparate


      Oh, actually, it didn't last for long, but I should be okay, I'll try


  6. ConcorDisparate

    Confession Time!

    @@GrimGrimoire, I tried most of these, it didn't really work out. But, maybe I should tell them.. someday. Thanks though *hugs*.
  7. ConcorDisparate

    Confession Time!

    I spend my days doing nothing but waiting for messages, and I restrain myself very hard from messaging again, because I am very afraid of being annoying and losing friends. Also, I get attached very fast, and it makes me so happy when someone spends time with me, but I'm afraid of becoming a burden, so I just stay there being anxious, instead of just telling them.
  8. @@Sam Gideon, Thanks ! I'm not worried, everyone has always been nice and great here !
  9. @, Of course . I'd like to be friends !
  10. Name: Alexandre Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: France Likes: Gaming, books, stories, food, kindness Dislikes: Meanies Hobbies: Gaming, Drawing Other Info: I'm trying to find friends and to be less lonely. I am sensitive, so I used to avoid people, but.. I want to change that now .
  11. Time for snack ! I wish I had crepes =(

  12. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Bad, my weakness made someone feel sad today. I want to be stronger, it's hard..
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