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  1. I was practicing linear algebra.
  2. I am INFP-T Introverted 88% Intuitive 84% Feeling 85% Prospecting 72% Turbulent 72% And 2w1 on the Enneagram thing.
  3. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Oh, a photo ? Um, okay, why not .
  4. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Oh, I am so happy . Everything has gone right. I can finally stop worrying and get sleeping .
  5. I'm so happy, yay !

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    2. Barpy
    3. PleasantPetrichor
    4. ConcorDisparate


      Oh, actually, it didn't last for long, but I should be okay, I'll try


  6. ConcorDisparate

    Confession Time!

    @@GrimGrimoire, I tried most of these, it didn't really work out. But, maybe I should tell them.. someday. Thanks though *hugs*.
  7. ConcorDisparate

    Confession Time!

    I spend my days doing nothing but waiting for messages, and I restrain myself very hard from messaging again, because I am very afraid of being annoying and losing friends. Also, I get attached very fast, and it makes me so happy when someone spends time with me, but I'm afraid of becoming a burden, so I just stay there being anxious, instead of just telling them.
  8. @@Sam Gideon, Thanks ! I'm not worried, everyone has always been nice and great here !
  9. @, Of course . I'd like to be friends !
  10. Name: Alexandre Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: France Likes: Gaming, books, stories, food, kindness Dislikes: Meanies Hobbies: Gaming, Drawing Other Info: I'm trying to find friends and to be less lonely. I am sensitive, so I used to avoid people, but.. I want to change that now .
  11. Time for snack ! I wish I had crepes =(

  12. ConcorDisparate

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Bad, my weakness made someone feel sad today. I want to be stronger, it's hard..
  13. Hi ! Umm.. I have been feeling lonely lastly, I'd like to make friends ! My skype is here : Plantarbre About the name, er.. It's a french thing. Oh, yeah, I'm french. Sorry if we don't share the same time.
  14. any birgirpall fans ?

  15. Happiness is like a bird

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    2. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      *Nods.* When a person's sad, they probably won't be sad forever. Most feelings come and go, but the good ones tend to always come back.

    3. ConcorDisparate


      Like birds, it differs depending on everyone. Some have a harder time flying. But in the end, we're here for each others, helping them.

    4. Darkwhip


      Context-wise, this applies

  16. ConcorDisparate

    Post your OC!

    Here is my OC, he's called Disparate.
  17. Thanks guys, it means a lot to me right now
  18. Hey everyone ! Another drawing I've made today.
  19. ConcorDisparate

    Critique Wanted How 2 Ears...?

    I feel like it's better with ears. I am not able to explain why though.
  20. Closed. Even though it's open nowadays. It's easier than getting up at 4 AM, because my cat was sleeping inside and now wants to eat... I should make him go away before sleeping, but he's so cute when he sleeps .
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