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  1. Am doing chemistry research as an undergrad. Have a fast track to graduate school kinda. And I’m now getting into finals week.
  2. Well seeing as I’m get the point. I’m not comfortable with my sex.
  3. Raises hand. I’m trans. Getting deeper into transition.
  4. I am not super interested in electronic magic. Sorry, I play primarily modern and legacy in paper though.
  5. Gender being related to feelings of self with relation to what my brain tell me I am. Sex being something linked to karyotype and genotype. I am of the male sex. But my gender is female, girl, etc. The way I define it and see it. I can't change my sex. But my gender was always female and so I never did ever change genders,
  6. 17 miles+?? Not sure the exact but some hikes recently have been fun
  7. Well I changed sex, or gender, rather, and my girlfriend still loves me so
  8. It almost looks to me that your avatar is from an early Magic The Gathering card.

    1. alpinefroggy


      This is counterbalance from cooldsnap.

    2. Bas


      ah yeah, wondered about. Do you still play MTG? Got a topic about that in my sig.

      To my defense counterbalance is (was?) played only in legacy and vintage. (At least before top got banned)

  9. Purple is the best color. Therefore I must die my hair in various shades with soem Blues because that is what I wear in terms of colors
  10. Definitely flying because you would kill yourself if you teleported. This phenomenon can be seen with lightning which pushes the air so quickly apart it causes thunder.
  11. Thunder and lightning outside my window when i was living in Yellowstone. Everybody else was awake. I slept through it somehow.
  12. Well, regardless of what you believe about house ownership I think it has to do with the younger generation not having as much real buying power as generations previously. That comes from lack of wage growth, inflation, personal debt (especially student debt) and other causes. So I don't necessarily think its a change in culture but different circumstances.
  13. Morning in ponyville shimmers!!! Morning in ponyville shines!! and I know for absolute certain!! that everything is certainly finee..... Dat boi went off in class last week. Oh baby that was fun. EDIT: Ive got fluttershy, Yay from sonic rainboom as my text noise.