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  2. It's...decent. It feels very much like a continuation of the better parts of season 6 and has more of a focus on humor, background of the world and secondary characters. The problem is that there is a distinct lack of focus on the Mane 6, ie the characters and reason I watch the show. So while it's not bad, it's not as appealing to me as past seasons because I don't watch this show for Celestia, Windy Whistle, Flash Magnus or Trixie. I watch it for Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity and this season while it does feature them, has them constantly separated and not interacting with one another. Spike has almost been left by the wayside after such a strong showing last season. The CMC conversely have been on fire. They've really come into their own. If Fluttershy wasn't so freaking amazing in her episodes, they would be the crowning point of the season so far. This is why in my opinion the better episodes of this season have the Mane 6 interacting with each other or heavily featured secondary character. Top 5 episodes (so far) Discordant Harmony Perfect Pear A Health of Information (Yes I watched the Russian Leak) Parental Glidance Fluttershy Leans In Bottom 3 Rock Solid Friendship Fame and Misfortune Honest Apple. Season ranking (best to worst): Season 2 Season 5 Season 4 Season 1 Season 7 Season 3 Season 6
  3. It probably wouldn't be McCarthy since she's had limited involvement writing for the show since Season 5. More likely Haber in this instant.
  4. Yeah it's something not many expect but it would fit. Also helps when you read some PKD whose works tend to deal rather heavily in this kind of field. That being said, my money is still on some kind of mind control.
  5. Not really looking forward to this but at this point I probably should not get worked up at all for the two-parters. They've had seven seasons to have the Remane 5 do something, yet each time they fall back on having the Light's be the one to do everything and this doesn't seem to be an exception. By all looks the Mane 6 are going to have some shit thrown at them by Chrysalis, that much is certain, cause she wouldn't need their photo's or hair otherwise. Best guess is mind control/voodoo control to use them to get revenge on Starlight and mess up the Mane 6's lives, also because mind control is an established power Chrysalis has (See Canterlot Wedding). Other thing is evil clones, but that seems to similar to the season 6 finale. Third option is memory alteration, in which Chrysalis somehow affects the memories of the Mane 6, most likely altering their perceptions about Starlight or the like, like thinking she's still a villain or that they don't even know her, stuff like that. Either way it's very clear the Mane 6 are going to be hit hard by her, and it seems to be another episode where Starlight is the main star of the episode, either as the one who will fix everything and save the day, or as the one who the show decides to give the emotional focus and attempts to be the sympathetic POV for the audience, perhaps both. Not looking forward to that. That being said Spike wasn't in this at all so that's something I guess. That being said it does appear that in the season 7 finale Twilight is going to be opening some kind of school for friendship or the like and the Mane 6 are going to be teachers there. Seems a bit odd, but whatever.
  6. I have no idea. Best guess is that it is AK Yearling as that is what Dash calls her when she get's to her house, which I remind you was isolated and all alone so it's unlikely she wouldn't call her by her real name in that situation but that's all I got. It could go either way.
  7. This episode in 5 minutes|
  8. Faust above, Tempest Shadow's real name...

  9. The Cutie Re-mark is pretty much the opposite of Keep Calm and Flutter On, which is my favorite episode. Remark completely focuses on Twilight, Starlight and Spike that the rest of the cast has no role here, unlike in Keep Calm where they play a decent role. Flutter On also has the main character not be Twilight instead having it be Fluttershy. And Flutter On has much grayer morals, such as why everyone is doing what they're doing. It also helps that everyone's motivations make sense and have that degree of grayness to them. You can understand why Discord is doing what he's doing even if he's an ass. The plot focuses entirely on the main focus of what the episode is trying to do, not play around with ultimately pointless scenes that don't really do anything for the main plot. And finally that ending. Instead of everyone just instantly accepting Discord, they make it abundantly clear that they still don't trust and like him save for Fluttershy, unlike with Starlight.
  10. Honestly I don’t know how to feel about the new Doctor. On one hand I think they choose a fine actress and she’ll do great in the part, but on the other hand I have concerns about it. Will Historicals keep constantly bring up that yes women were treated like shit for like 90% of history? If so I really don’t want that in my Science Fiction and Fantasy show, this is what I use to get away from the real world. Who is going to be the companion? Will it be a guy? Cause if it’s a solo guy, that has so many pitfalls to it. In the show, both classic and modern, they’re have been a ton of great well rounded female companions to compliment the Doctor. But with this new Doctor they’re going to have to establish that yes, she is the Doctor, so the companion is going to suffer some. This is not going to be like Capaldi where they can shove him aside for Clara’s subplot about Danny, they are going to make this Doctor look as good as possible and put her in the spotlight as much as they can (which will actually be a nice change, to have the show be about the Doctor) And most of the guys in the (modern) show are there to be a foil for the Doctor. Take Rory, he’s the mild, safe but lovable man compared to the wild, insane but sad Doctor. Or Jack, who is social and sex crazed to Nine who is isolated and generally distant sexually. So if they have a guy companion, he’s going to be nothing more than the butt of the show, even more of an imbecile than Harry Sullivan cause if they make him in some ways more competent than the Doctor in some field other than blunt strength (which is slightly sexist as well), people are going to say it weakens the new Doctor. What is in store for the 14th Doctor? What happens next? So pretty much I feel a massive amount of pity for whomever the BBC decides to cast as the 14th Doctor cause there is a no-win situation with it. Do you go back to a white male actor? Well so much for diversity, BBC you racist, only casting a women for publicity. Another woman? You just did this, do something different. An actor of color? You’re only doing this for PC points, to make sure you’re portfolio is diverse enough. You’re not hiring because of the actor’s merits, you’re hiring them because they’re X. Just who ever gets it next is going to face criticism no matter what. Are people going to judge it fairly? This seems to already be happening, that both sides are now going on to opposite extremes, one side saying "Well it’s Doctor Who’s first female Doctor, there can be nothing wrong with this. If there something bad it is not on the Doctor, she’s perfect, it’s the screenwriters and directors being misogynistic in not being able to tell good stories with her and the ratings don’t matter because the audience is sexist and can’t see past her gender." or "Well it’s Doctor Who’s first female Doctor, there is nothing that can go right with this. If there is something bad it is on the Doctor, she’s not the right call, it’s the screenwriters and directors being overly sensitive to her and not being able to tell good stories with her and the ratings don’t matter because the audience is blind to storytelling, only wanting "racial diversity"". It seems like there will never be a fair and rational discussion on this because both sides want to point the finger at the other and say "You’re the problem with everything and I’m completely right." Basically it comes down to I'll wait and see how she does cause there's not much else I can do at the moment.