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  1. Wow there is a lot of Star Wars love here! I had no idea. Love it! Which has more hype: Star Wars the force unleashed or Jurasic World?
  2. well Star Wars was far and away my favorite until Episode I came out. The originals tho, will always be my favorite.
  3. I agree 100% Even topics that usually cause tention like religion and politics are somehow very polite and understanding here. By far the most egalitarian social group I've ever been a part of
  4. For me it's about open hone friends who share the same odd interest in ponies. This site immediately made me feel welcome and at home. That's why I come back, for the comradary. Thank you so so much everypony. mlpforums ponies are best ponies.
  5. I think it's part of the philosophy of use for each. Ps4 is more a dedicated gameing console where as xb1 is more of a entertainment center. They are each best used that way.
  6. I have both and I find I play my XB1 way more than my PS4. They are both great tho. It's hard to say that one is better than the other. Just comes down to game preferences. I don't know about the Xbox live money thing but I'll look into it.
  7. That... Was... Awesome!!!!! I find thy when presented with an argument of fact (for example my favorite thy Jesus is likely to never have existed because he is just one of literally hundreds of Sun deity incarnations like Horus, Krishna and others who all were born on Dec 25th of a virgin who performed mericals of healing and, at age 30, started a ministry with 12 apostles only to die on a cross.) They tend to deny the facts and, unable to rebut or dispute actual facts they feel like it's an attack on Intelligence. This is unfortunate. I
  8. The europian way of writing numbers is opposit to the American way. The use , to separate whole from partial numbets and . to separate thousands
  9. This presents a dilemma. Atheism is pragmatic. It dirives it's authority from logic and science. While I do not wish to hurt anyone feelings (and I truly mean that), I also disagree with the fundamental principles of religion as they are based on untruths. People often believe in God because they have not the facts. So how do you tell someone who believes in a god that you believe he/she/it doesn't exist without sounding condescending?
  10. Looks like what we have here is a classic bell curve result. I would definitely put myself in the Rainbow Dash camp. I wear pony tees to work but I don't actively seek out opportunity to bring it up. I know a good deal and have some merch which is sufficient for me.
  11. Oh an update: Luna as Boba Fett Discord as Jabba the hut Daring Do as Han Solo (The parallels are just too perfect) Zacora as Lando and Rarity as Lea Also Scootaloo as young Anakin
  12. So if George Lucas was a pony and had the equestria ponies as a cast who would play whom? For this purpose ignore gender. I'd say Twilight as Luke Celestia as obi wan Rainbow Dash as Han solo Flutershy as Chewbacca What do you think?
  13. Well I hope it's at least a neutral reputation. I can be opinionated but I try to stay respectful and support my oppinions fairly. Everyone deserves to be respected and given the opportunity to say what s on there minds. <3 You tell me what my reputation is. I'm a little biased.
  14. I think a big aspect that has eluded this conversation is changing media in the 21st century. When we were all very young the programming accessibility was limited to live tv (that is if you were not in frot of the tv at 7 you missed the 7 o'clock show Period) or vcr or very expensive video cassettes of shows which were hard to find for all but the most popular few shows and even then very expensive. YouTube, Netflix, hulu, etc are how we get libraries of vedio now. We are all talking as if new shows presuppositions the audience to not be fully vested in the show. I for examp
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