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  1. Turned comments off on my AJBS fic on Fimfic. Had enough of the abuse just because I turned the ratings for it off.

  2. The latest exciting installment of A Journey Beyond Sanity has been released! Stardust finds out the truth, amidst a good training day with his adopted legacy. Enjoy!

    Come join the AJBS Discord, close to 100 members!

    Listen to the AJBS audio reading!



  3. Watched Best Gift Ever last night. It was worth the wait, now I can incorporate it into my fic.

  4. The latest, exciting installment of A Journey Beyond Sanity has been published! Time for some good ol' father adopted son bonding, in the way of training him to become a future fighter! Enjoy!

    Come join the AJBS Discord:

    Enjoy the AJBS audio reading:


    1. Sparklefan1234



      The latest, exciting installment of A Journey Beyond Sanity has been published! Time for some good ol' father adopted son bonding, in the way of training him to become a future fighter! Enjoy!


      Ponies fight!? :BornAgainBrony: What kind've Equestria are you imagining, BFFFF? :wacko:

  5. Playing Mario Sunshine since the release on Switch:



    To die.

  6. Purely for fun, what's everyone's favourite Captain America movie?

  7. *Sees Fluttershy cut off from the banner.*

    Dammit Discord!

  8. That's three times on Fimfiction now I've been called a coward for turning ratings off. Almost like I prefer criticism via comments or something.

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      If they're so confident in themselves then they should be fine with composing a sentence or two of constructive feedback.

    3. Kujamih


      Mine doesn't even have comments XD... Id welcome a criticism anytime:laugh:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Wings belong on buffalo not ponies! :secret:/:P

  9. The latest installment of A Journey Beyond Sanity has been published! 

    Molt Effect, give you wings! 


    Come join our AJBS Discord, close to 100 members!

    Enjoy the AJBS audio reading!



  10. Chapter preview for AJBS!



    "You look exhausted, Twilight! Uh, no offense."

    "None taken. Ahh..."

    "Any reason you're slouching on the couch like that?"

    "Oh, no reason, other than something beginning with 'J.'"

    "Yeah, I figured. What's he done now?"

    "Well today's Hearts and Hooves Day as you know, and Jack... Well, he's been using today as an excuse to make up for our absence apart together."

    "Huh. That doesn't sound too bad."

    "Don't get me wrong, I find his attempts to amend past mistakes, particularly on a holiday like this, sweet and endearing. Unfortunately..."


    "I love you."

    "Oh. Thank you Jack..." Twilight smiled warmly as the golden alicorn made a swift departure from the room straight afterwards, the former accepting the box of chocolates.


    "Jack had taken it upon himself today to shower his partner with gifts."

    "What, like flowers? Chocolates? Presents?"


    "Well how's that a bad thing?"

    "It's not that, Starlight. The intent to undo his wrongs is appreciated, but this..."


    "I love you."

    "Oh! Thank you again Jack." The Princess blinked in sincere flattery by the bouquet of purple and blue roses, while the Warrior made another swift departure in a gold and blue blur.


    "So, what's the problem?"

    "Unfortunately, Jack's not backing down from fully expressing his desires to appease and earn my affections."

    "I thought he already has them?"


    "I love you."

    "Thank you, Jack..." Twilight was close to sweatdropping this time, taking the book wrapped in a neat decorative tie, just as her partner left the room swiftly again.


    "And he always will."


    "Ah... Unfortunately, the insistence of swooning me every five minutes is starting to grow a tiny bit tedious, considering he's just been visiting the study-"


    "I love you."



    "- every -"


    "I love you."


    "- four -"


    "I love you."


    "- minutes."


    "I love you."


    "So you understand what I'm going through right now."

    "Hmm... Sounds to me that Stardust still feels horrible about leaving everyone behind on his crusade, you especially, Twilight. I think he's just eager to prove that his feelings for you never wavered especially after so long."

    "I think that's been proven enough the moment that stallion proposed to me the second we reunited."

    "Point taken. Speaking of which, when are you two actually going to act on that?"

    "...I don't know. There's still too much going on for me to contemplate the very concept. Jack and I will have a sit down and proper conversation about that when there's time."

    "So why not today?"

    "I... Erm..."

    "Hmhmhmhm, fair enough."

    "I-In any case, Jack doesn't have to keep 'proving' himself like that. He's expressed his affections by several, equally wonderful moments in the past."

    "But maybe it's never enough for him. Maybe, a small part of Stardust still thinks he's unworthy of you, and is trying to do everything in his power to prove, not just to you, Twilight, but himself of being worthy to even be close to you."

    "So that's it? He still feels 'unworthy' and is desperately attempting to convince himself?"

    "Stardust never made it a secret how persistently self-loathing he is, in spite of his recent uplifted mood and interaction with others after coming home."

    "Hmmmmm... Well, obviously we can't have that, can we? To tell the truth, Jack's not the only one whom feels undeserving of his partner."

    "Which makes you both perfect for each other. So Twilight, what are you gonna do for the holiday?"

    "Uhh, well, I wanted to do something special, just for both Jack and I. Any suggestions?"

    "...Maybe something you know only the two of you would enjoy. A private at a location special between you two?"

    "That's... Brilliant, Starlight! And I know just the place!"

    "That's what I'm here for-"


    "I love you."


    "Hehehehehehehe. You two are so adorable together."

  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

  12. Happy birthday! :pinkie: Hope you're alright and having a wonderful day! :yay: