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  1. "By now, if everyone's read my book, all of them." "Let's not get conceited, honey..."
  2. "Yes/Yes." "Like, you have no idea." "All the way from foalhood. I wonder who they get from?" "Certainly not from me."
  3. 144 moves have been removed from Sword and Shield. This is just... Depressing.

  4. "Well, it wasn't exactly like that-" "Next question!"
  5. "They were a wedding gift from another version of me and his wife. They wanted to give me a motobike-" "They wanted to give Spike the bike, Jack, and we managed to dissuade them of their generous gift." "So sunglasses instead,"
  6. *Smirks.* "I've always been cool, my dear. Spike can attest to that." "Oh brother..."
  7. Happy Nightmare Night all!


  8. *Grumbles under breath.* *Giggles fondly, pecking his cheek.* "That they do."
  9. "Oh hardy har! But I was referring to my own fan letters if you must know. But I suppose it's irritating as well when fan mail for either of us disrupt our alone time..."
  10. "Flattering, for the most part." "Annoying, for the most part."
  11. "And PROUD of it." "Though you shouldn't be." "Meh."
  12. "Hmhm. You got that right. Only Spike is just a bit more helpful with the chores."