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  1. Relationship goals.


    1. ImDaMisterL


      Kiss your future/past self: Check.

  2. Another excerpt to shamelessly display how happy I am with my own rendition of the FG special. If I have my timing correctly, the two-parter will be published this... October! How's that for a treat instead of trick? Enjoy!

    Turns out, on the bus ride there, Twilight found it in herself to finally swallow everything told to her. Thus, inciting her inquisitive nature to be released in full force, making excited questions regarding everything I knew about Equestria, its natives and magic itself. Even during the 'interrogation,' I had to laugh, watching the human Twilight from mellow and depressed to enthusiastic and craving for more answers to her never-ending list of questions. Each one I responded to only brought two further inquiries from her mind.

    About Earth Ponies, unicorns, pegasi, alicorns. You name it. Griffons, dragons, minotaurs and Changelings. Twilight wanted to know every drop of information; how the regal system worked, how society operated differently from ours, and so on. I felt more like a lecturer the further we discussed these things, taking seats at the back of the bus as to not be overheard. Eventually, my weary voice had to comment on something which made the eager Twilight flustered in flattery and embarrassment.

    "You'll have plenty of time to learn more about Equestria soon." I reassured the eager teenager. "Although I love hearing your voice and enthusiasm, I'm hardly the best at explaining stuff."

    The rest of the trip was spent in discussing the layout of the plan, which was easily prepared for enough. Infiltrate the school, find the security surveillance room, get the recorded footage of Cinch blackmailing Twilight along with any other students that [BEEP] repeated the action towards, send them to the nearest police station through email, and voila, bobs your uncle! Sound simple enough, and despite Twilight's constant misgivings about what exactly this plan entails, I had to keep reassuring the teen that should anything go wrong, I'll take the fall.

    "You're awfully calm about doing this." She had to comment as we stepped off the bus. "Aren't you worried over the likelihood of us getting caught?"

    "Believe me, I was a worrywarts once." My eyes gazed to the imposing building before us. "Although the other Twilight often bests me in that regard. We'll be fine."

    A swift advance forwards, and I found myself moving beside Twilight at such a close proximity it surprised me. But then I knew why; feeling of protectiveness. Having to remind myself repeatedly that this Twilight wasn't the same strong-willed one as mine; easily manipulated and victim to emotional abuse. There was an urge to keep this young woman protected at all costs, and I'll be damned if anyone stops me.

    No matter the location, it appears any version of Twilight will have her Warrior.

    Ha ha. Very funny.

    "Well, gotta give the school credit in how orderly it is." Seriously, everything looks pristine and well-kept just from entering the front. Crystal Prep obviously thrived on reputation alone, because treating students like equals? Pft, not here!

    Twilight scarcely nodded, purple eyes darting around nervously as though we're being watched. "The surveillance room's down this way. If we're going to do this, we should probably hurry."

    "Let's go then."

    Twilight sighed, but quickly jogged up to meet me, the weight of Spike in her backpack not slowing her down in the slightest. "I see you're persistent about going through with breaking every rule in the book."

    "What can I say? I'm known for challenging authority."

    That's putting it mildly...

    "So much for getting into the study program..." I smirked at Twilight's defeated tone, shaking her head tiredly.

    "You could just point me in the direction and head back yourself, you know."

    Finally, a small smile emerged on her pretty expression. "Well, since we've already made it this far, what would be the point?" Atta girl! "Besides, you promised you could help me, and since you're basically a walking talking alien from another dimension, I can't have you leaving my sight anytime soon. You're stuck with me, I'm afraid."

    "I'll try not to complain too much." That brought out a giggle from the teen, who knew from my tone I was jesting. "By the way, you still haven't told me."

    "Told you what?"

    "Anything about yourself."

    "Oh..." Twilight grinned sheepishly. "Well... What do you want to know?"

    "How about... Everything."

    And so the surprised Twilight obliged, and let me tell you, she excelled at being a lecturer than I ever could be, launching off her life story with a bang. At my encouraging smile and amused eyes, the young teen laid out everything about her grades, hobbies and life style, happily describing her love for Maths, history, science, stargazing and so on. It was like listening to my Twilight repeating everything she's ever told me about herself. And I was completely okay with that.

    Taking a deep breath while we walked down a corridor, ignoring the curious yet annoyed gazes of students by their lockers, Twilight glanced around before flushing in seeming shame. "Sorry if it's a little much."

    I even surprised myself, when spotting the detested looks of other uniformed students - Very, very ugly uniforms that could do with some blue, I've yet to comment - by interlocking my hand with hers. A red-faced Twilight snapped upwards at the sudden intimate gesture, and I only winked in response. "Don't apologize; I enjoy hearing you talk." And leaning closer, I whispered sincerely, "You're safe with me. These clowns don't know any better."

    What ever would your Princess say, I wonder, acting this close with another version of her willingly? She wouldn't be too pleased, I can picture.

    I imagine she'll be understanding... After being initially annoyed at first. But hey, what my Twilight doesn't know won't hurt her.

    Once we were down a corridor bare of scrunched-faced students, the hand-lock disengaged, but Twilight blushed like a tomato for a good few minutes, inciting my short laughter. "Haha! I remember when my Twilight got easily flustered by physical contact that way." But, gazing back, I added with a frown. "But I don't ever recall her being so... Treated harshly by her peers."

    "Then she's lucky..." Twilight said solemnly, regarding the floor again while still leading the way. And the posture brought an unpleasant curl to my lips.

    "Twilight... Why do they despise you so much?" I just compelled to ask, sympathy and fury driving my motivation. "What could you have possibly done to have made them behave like immature brats to you?"

    There's another thing that makes no sense. You'd think, being the student who often won the awards in the school, she'd get some positive attention. But for no reason at all, Twilight is treated like scum by the student body because... She's a driven student with ambition? Teenagers are [BEEP]ing stupid.

    You can relate.


    The girl shrugged, smiling wryly at me. "They're not exactly fond of others succeeding above them-"

    "Twilight? What are you doing back here?"

    We both collectively froze at the familiar voice, belonging to one human counterpart of an old friend standing before us with open curiosity, glancing from the nervous girl to the gold older teen beside her. And, surprisingly enough, this might be weird to note, but Shining Armor is probably the only human who barely resembles anything to his equine self. Like, the least similarities appearance-wise apart from skin and hair colours.

    And looking obnoxiously repugnant. Seriously, not even a Diamond Dog bears such an unpleasant appearance, the sight of that foolish Prince as a human probably disgusts me than your little romance with the naive Princess.

    "Shouldn't you be at Canterlot High for the Games?" That questioning look quickly shifted to suspicion, looking back at his younger sister, whom was twiddling her fingers. "Who's your friend?"

    "Oh, him?" Twilight asked with a tremor to her voice, evidently conjuring up some excuse. "This is Stardust, my... Escort. Dean Cadence wanted the medical records to the Crystal Prep students participating in the Games for the next round, so she asked me to retrieve them from the nurse's office. Stardust is here to verify this."

    Quick thinking, Twilight. I nodded, playing along. "It's true." Although, gazing at the man's eyes, there was something already... Off I sensed about him. Although that implied if anything was right about the human version of my friend.

    "Hmm..." Blue eyes stared deeply back at the pair, one nervous and one composed, before a small smile rose on his lips. "Well, why didn't you say so? Anything I can help with?"

    "No! No!" Twilight waved frantically, grinning sheepishly. "We'll be fine. Come on Stardust, let's not keep the nurse waiting." Still regarding the curious boy with a mirrored expression, I followed. Again, something felt disturbingly weird about him, and passing by the boy, for some reason, incited a shudder down my spine.

    A sign, maybe, that I've dwelled among this world long enough.

    1. ImDaMisterL



      and voila, bobs your uncle!



      No matter the location, it appears any version of Twilight will have her Warrior.

      A lynchpin of all universes :derp:


      "But I don't ever recall her being so... Treated harshly by her peers."

      Maybe re-order that, like: "being treated so... harhly by her peers."


      And looking obnoxiously repugnant. Seriously, not even a Diamond Dog bears such an unpleasant appearance, the sight of that foolish Prince as a human probably disgusts me than your little romance with the naive Princess.

      Ikr? He looks so weird!

      Also, I think you forgot to put a "more" before that "than".

      Nitpicks and random comments aside, I'm McDonald's slogan this so far, can't wait to waste hours on end reading it all!

      Although I don't really waste hours reading your tuff- oh wait, it's already night time. *gulp*

      In my defense, your chapters are way too long!! >:C

      (PS: This is not a complaint, maintain them as long as you want, please and thank you.)

  3. Thought the series 10 finale is the first multi-Master story ever? Think again, Big Finish beat them to it last year.


    1. ImDaMisterL


      It was too good of an idea to not have been used earlier.

  4. I'm so glad Doug agrees with how much Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story 3 all suck, hard. Whereas Shark Tale continues to stand out as a masterpiece of its time.


    1. ImDaMisterL


      That movie i hands down the best thing I have ever seen my dude, I have no idea how it isn't considered a classic!!

    2. A.V.


      I hope Shark Tale does a crossover with Cory In The House!

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      It's easily the greatest crime drama ever made, I mean The Godfather has nothing on this movie...




  5. "I wish that I could hate you so much right now... That I could actually stomp out your birth!"

    "Look... If I said I'm sorry, would that help in some way?!"


    "Good 'cause it's not my fault! My sister became Gia Everfree, not me!"

    "You're equally responsible!"


    "I could write a [BEEP]ing list of how you're just as much a danger as your deranged sibling!"

    "Well since we're stuck here for probably a while, you might as well get started!"

    "Sure. Got a spare pen and paper in your pockets, or are they just stuffed with creepy love letters to a high schooler-?!"

    "Will the both of you - Please - be quiet?!"

    Stardust, Timber and Sunset.

    1. ImDaMisterL



      I wish that I could hate you so much right now

      That'd imply he doesn't hate him :derp:


      Gia Everfree

      Isn't it Gaia? Then again, I've also seen Gaea AND Gia, so...

      So, the anti-swear magic works in the EG world as well? Huh, I wonder how.

      Also, I loved the little snippet, and the creepy love letters part was so much "yes, Stardust is right."

  6. When the feels start coming and they don't stop coming.


    1. ImDaMisterL


      Fed without sadnes now I'll hit the floor crying

      Wow, honestly, this is really good

  7. Batman V Superman.

    Or as RedLetterMedia put it:

    Murder Man vs Captain Hypocrite.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I would actually enjoy watching a movie with superheroes with those names.

  8. Happy Birthday to my cheek of a little sister. Hope she has an amazing day! :D

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Eh, ditto that! Tell her a birtual human being has sent her regards from a far-away country. God bless her :muffins:

  9. The next exciting chapter for AJBS has been published! This time, the Tantabus rears its ugly incorporeal head, and Stardust is more than prepared to help Luna be rid of it before it plagues the dreams of his friends and countless innocents. But will confrontation with the being force him to confront past nightmares of his own? Enjoy!


  10. Those were certainly two charming episodes we received this week...


    1. ImDaMisterL


      Food poisoning. Calling it.

  11. Huh, got a small fic complaint from something I noticed...

    On chapter 21, Stardust overhears ponies commenting about Fluttershy quitting, but then later when Rarity questions him about it he has no excuse to give her, when he could've said he overheard it from other ponies.

    Also, despite his self-deprecative attitude, I love him and loved the chapter. You keep up being awesome my dude!

  12. Ah, for Christ's sake, Fluttershy and Discord, just kiss already!

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. Johnny1226


      as cute as they are together no way is discord kissing one of my waifus 

  13. DWS10E11-JohnSimm.jpg?w=3624&ssl=1

    Love it! If that's not classic I don't know what is.

    1. GiantStarGamer


      uhhh is this doctor who ? if not im sorry never seen doctor who xD

    2. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      Yes, it is DW. XD

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Master Who?