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    TwilightAqua fanclub

    Well Well... if it isn't this the best fan club of all equestria? Twilight aquaaaa is best ponyyyyy *Finishes to sing "Twilight Aqua is best pony song" #TwilightAquaForPresident2015
  2. I'm going to bed, nighty everypony ^^

  3. I'll start using the forums again, i'm glad to see everypony again yay <3

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Welcome back Burning! Good to see you again! :D

    3. Unicorncob


      Hey there everypony ^^


      Good to see you too *hugs*

  4. Awesome project you've got there, really sweet! I'm totally looking forward to it

    Gaming Idea: Playstation Throwback

    I think you've got a really good idea there, there are lots of old "rare gems" (games) that are not much known at this time, because of the difficulties of using an emulating software, i'd also totally pay for it.

    Visual Art Art project: Leona

    Woah, so awesome!!!! Keep the good work, i'm sure you're going far drawing like that
  7. Happy birthday =) Hope you are having a wonderful day

  8. I'm the all powerful Commander Spoon, the Sparkling Manchild destined to party with little girls
  9. Sunset Shimmer is glad of your choice You won't regret it :grin2: @Topic: Nice picture you have got there by the way
  10. OMG OMG OMG WELCOME TO THE FORUMS I'm sure you're going to make lots of friends in this awesome forum, and don't worry, we don't judge or discriminate anyone here There are lots of places for you to have fun and interact, so don't be shy of going everywhere
  11. Oh! The great trixie joined us! Welcome to the forums, i'm sure you'll feel welcome in this nice place where we talk about anything, ranging from ponies to ponies helping sad people and talking about life, games and sharing your thoughts about which food you think is better Nice to have you here, if you need help with anything, don't be shy to ask anypony here so we're able to help you!
  12. Are you sleepy or totally pancake at the moment? Seriously though, Having something you're planning to do in mind at the moment? like a project or something
  13. I liked the episode a lot, don't know if it was because of lack of ponies for much time, but i sure know that this episode was awesome, the "I'm pancake" line got some laughs off me xD
  14. If i said to you i've never tasted both? i know, my life is boring...
  15. I'm just going out to die from diabetes and i'll be back later That's an awesome work, you sure have a lot of talent!

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    *Picks up torch* Everypony after the invader!! __________________ Just kidding, Starlight Glimmer is love, but Sunset still best pony
  17. Wow, such an beautiful work of art, i would love to be able to see more of those coming from you, keep the good work Loved Sunny

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Makes sense, just like reproduction, as i don't think they are ever going to say something about how new ponies are born, but we know it's there.
  19. I would love to see Sunset Shimmer coming to equestria, taking the mane six's place, becoming princess, and raising the sun and the moon everyday... Now talking seriously, i would want to see SS in an episode adventuring in her pony form and all, but nothing more than that, she plays an important role in equestria girls now, and i want her to stay there
  20. Sweet Celestia, that is awesome, really, looking forward to see you talented pony around!
  21. Well, Welcome jonas It's awesome to have a friend like you in here and to know a bit more about what brought you to the MLPForums EDIT: Just noticed you have been here for a very long time before i joined, sooooo... Welcome?
  22. My parents are divorced, and i'm now starting to spend some time with each, at my mom's house i'm an only child, and at my dad's i have an brother, so i'm able to experience both lifes, and i would say i prefer the only child one... -_-
  23. Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun around, we have tons of ways to interact with each other and to discuss about the show, produce content (visual, audible and readable art) If you've got any question don't be shy of asking somepony so we can help you I've seen lots of Doctor Who fans here, i'm sure you'll be able to interact
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