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  1. I miss some of you a lot. <3 I hope you're doing well. 

  2. :o it's like we're online buddies for the first time. I miss you! Plz come back soon. We haven't gone in the storage closet and won't till you can check for wasps! <3 

    1. SFyr


      I miss you too! We need to catch up a ton when I get back from being like, the closest thing I've been to an actual intern. ;p
      Also, totally willing to be a live-in wasp killer for a little bit. <33 Love yuu!

  3. I am so proud of you. <3 

  4. I miss working with you c: <3 

  5. I quit MLPF and Poniverse a while back, or at least I told myself so. It had become too habitual to not be curious of the going-ons, checking up on those I still care for, and being unable to shake the mentality I had for so long concerning Poniverse's direction. PR head and board was short for me, but enough to get into my head and make me care a smidgen too much. Without closure, I feel unable to leave and end my haunting of this place and it's characters - only now have I found that closure. Just over a week ago I got married to the man I met here, Simon. A year to-date from when he mo
  6. Leave for Vegas Wednesday, come back a married woman. <3 

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    2. Combine Slodier

      Combine Slodier

      Heh, God bless. c; Much love, and congratulations! :D

    3. Johnny1226


      Congratulations stitch 

    4. Fia94


      Congrats! :)

  7. Now all the forums can see I come back around just to post on your profile :c

    1. SFyr


      But, I am best pony. :c

  8. You may just be the biggest dork I've ever met. :)

    1. SFyr


      Awh. <3 Then I guess we can be the biggest dorks together, dork. ;p

  9. Life has a funny way of working out to be just fine.

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    2. Pathfinder of Ash

      Pathfinder of Ash

      Life finds a way; as they say.

    3. JonasDarkmane


      No rhyming deer!


      Life usually works out. Just takes willpower :)

    4. SFyr


      I like to think so. ♥

  10. My favorite man is now my fiancé. <3

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    2. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      Thank you both c: University is important to both of us. No reason to not get our degrees!

    3. SFyr


      Once again, congratulations !! :D

    4. CheeryFox
  11. So much to do, so little time!

  12. Blessed to have such sweethearts as friends.

  13. If you have newfound information or forgot to include something on your last application, I don't see any harm in applying once more, although your first application may still be taken into account if it wasn't too long ago!
  14. ponyexpo.com got a new look! Love our PV devs...sometimes c:

  15. Thank you for your feedback! All hiring is done by each department head. Of course hiring is subjective; also please do note that art quality/style/"eye pleasingness" is not the only thing taken into account. If you have more questions about how hiring is done, feel free to shoot me a personal message
  16. I apologize! I missed that notification. No, there are no style requirements for staff artists. Each of our artists have wonderfully different art styles. Any style must simply be pleasing to the eye!
  17. Hi there! Applications are replied to in a personal message. If you're waiting for a reply to your application, please be patient! Otherwise, this thread will be locked when all positions are filled. Since we're looking for anyone interested in joining the Newsletter team, it may take a long period of time for all positions to be filled.
  18. What a shame, @Smitty1038! Unfortunately, this topic isn't well suited for discussion and is better off as a status update or a blog post. That said, the advice you've already received is very good action to take! Good luck.
  19. Nervous Stitch

    I need a minecraft skin

    Hi there @Lucha, Since you're looking for something in return for your artwork, I went ahead and moved your topic to the Trade Ya! forum to avoid confusion.
  20. Nope! The example that you put will work just fine. You'll hear back from PR shortly!
  21. No worries! Any example of your writing style and ability will work just fine.
  22. Oh, no! No research required. The sample Q&A is just for the announcement about the Q&A! Here's an example of a previous announcement for a Q&A. Instead of Ward Jenkins, you'd select a member of the fandom and introduce them for their pretend Q&A. Hopefully this makes sense!
  23. Kitties need to stop showing up outside of my window. Simon and SFyr won't let me keep any more!

    1. Teavvi


      Kitties are so freaking adorable! :3

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