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  1. heh, this should be a challenge or something. Go around FIMfiction, Fanfiction and the like and pick out the worst fanfics.


    Or it could be a completely stupid idea and I'm just being an idiot like usual.

    Yes!! There are so many bad mlp fanfics that it would hard to pick one specifically

  2. Milo's Astro Lanes on the Nintendo 64. This game had it all. Quirky characters, powerups and traps to attack your opponents/friends with, and a really charismatic announcer who you couldn't hate even as he insulted your (lack of) skills.


    Oh I'm sure there's plenty of games like that, such as the Animaniacs bowling game on the original Playstation, but Milo's is the one that really stood out.


    Cartoony is the only way to play sports games. :D

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers this game!!! It's very underrated!! I liked playing it as a kid!

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  3. Basses have a longer scale than a guitar and a guitar scale is shorter than a bass scale (at least for me) and as treeclimbyou said, there are lots of chords to learn on a guitar.

    It's pretty cool to see all these other people on here play guitar and bass too!

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  4. Have you ever stolen anything from a store. I have never stolen anything, but my little brother has stolen 2 minecraft figures from Walmart. That happened a year ago. He never did it again. What's surprising is that he got away with it. He went in there, put the minecraft figures in his pocket, and left like nothing happened.

    I will never shoplift, ever.

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  5. Oh and also. DO NOT try to mix Mountain Dew with mio. If you don't know, milo is a water flavoring liquid that is well, supposed to go in water. On my 12th birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to mix these together, and I passed out less than ten minutes after drinking it. I tried this again a year later and it made me extremely drowsy and I nearly passed out. The blue lemonade flavored mio is the most effective. I hope I didn't lose any brain cells from drinking that.

    Now that's what I call a "suicide" drink. Lol

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  6. I've mixed so many sodas that I can't just pick one. I remember the first mixture I ever did was at McDonald's when my brother and I mixed all the drinks together except for the diet soda and the water. We called it a graveyard. They tasted good but if you frank enough of it, you got sick from it.

    I do remember one mixture that was gross, I mixed generic lemon lime soda, generic grape soda, and mug root beer together and it tasted like NyQuil, it was awful.

    I don't mix soda like I used to when I was younger, but when I do, I like to mix Pepsi and Mountain Dew together.

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