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  1. Welcome to the forums :)

    1. StarDustPony
    2. DaReaper


      Hope you have a great time here.

  2. I had a bowl of gluten free rice krispies and a nice big glass of water. c:
  3. hmm... Rarity is my favorite of the main 6 ponies, probably because she's creative, and feminine. I'm not overly girly, but I love fashion and pretty things. I like her overall appearance as well. I also find her to be quite funny at times. XD
  4. I recently moved out on my own, so I don't have a phone, not even a cell phone. So I use skype on my computer to keep in contact with my boyfriend.
  5. Mine is just the name of my main pony character. StarDust~ and she's a pony, so StarDustPony. c:
  6. as a new member in the ' blank flank category ' how do you post things? I can only figure out how to post statuses, but I apparently can't be promoted to the ' muffin ' category until I make 5 posts but I can't for the life of mey figure out how to post anything accept statuses.
  7. I'm new here don't judge :P

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    2. Countess Noodle

      Countess Noodle

      You have to post a certain number of time in threads. I think when you get to muffin you will be able to do so.

    3. StarDustPony


      Yes I had someone help me out with it thank you! :)

    4. Countess Noodle
  8. Come to my DA and vote on my poll for what character I should do next on my ' for me ' reference sheet!

  9. Check out my deviantart. I do reference sheet commissions there!

  10. When I get the chance I'll be posting up all my favorite ponies to this site and updating their information. :D

  11. This site is very confusing lol.

  12. Starting your commission!