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About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my profile! Feel free to PM me, don't be shy.



I live in Western Illinois! Where corn reigns supreme and education sucks. D:


I'm a College Freshman Which can have some effects on my activity here but don't worry. I get on as often as I can. :grin:




dancestomp_scratch_left.gif - 2016 Student Rock Paper Scissors Champion - idle_scratch_right.gif

How I became a MLP Fan/ MLP Forumer

Honestly, I watched the first episode of G4 and loved it. Made my own OC after but I didn't have anywhere to use her so I gave up on her. I wasn't informed that there was a MLP Forum. I kept on watching from season 1 and I was starting to watch the Fan Channels on YouTube. I eventually made it here in early 2015, and now I keep up with my MLP because of my friends.


What are you exactly?

I am a female pegasus… duh… :P

I'm from Western Illinois, which is a pretty forgotten place compared to the rest of Illinois, so you may be able to find me hidden within the corn. :adorkable:

I am an ENFP-T (16personalities test)

Do you RolePlay?

Yeah! Ask me in a PM or shoot me a message on my profile feed! My OCs are listed below. I'm still working on Sky Hue, but Cinnamon Pop may be detailed enough.