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  1. I feel late on this. Have been ridiculously inactive from the forums, though.
  2. Thank you everybody for the volunteering you are all giving! Of course, all jobs are still open such as voice acting, but at the moment SFM (or regular) animation and script writers are important right now. Thanks!
  3. Of course I did, why would I not say you would be fit for such parts? Another note: if you are interested and fit for your position in the film project, it is requested you have a Skype; that is the best form of communication. Thank you. (This applies to all positions, of course)
  4. Your voice would work well for an extra, or maybe even one of the characters that is important to the story.
  5. Do you have any sort of example of your voice impressions of Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy?
  6. Hello! My name is Joey, and I am searching for creative Bronies such as you to help create this SFM short film that I hope to present at BronyCon! What am I looking for? Writers for the script team, experienced SFM (Source Film Maker)animators, voice actors, and musician(s) that can help make this happen! The film already has a script I have already started (I am the director and script team leader), based on a conflict including Changelings! As a script team writer, ideas are always welcome, although not all would pass through of course... SFM Animators should have experience and have done some sort of animation example that would create consideration for your position. I expect them to gain much appreciation and recognition, compared to the other positions of this project. Voice Actors must, of course, show the power of their vocals. If you can do a good impression of one of the main six ponies, you already have a high chance of making it into this project! Other misc. voices will be asked later. Other positions will be asked for later as the time goes on. Always say how you can contribute to this film, no matter how small the job is. Every person is another addition! Thank you very much, everybody! Extra Note: Because of there being one or more original characters in this film, there would have to be extra SFM models and voices, of course, this being an example of Misc. voices. This is NOT required to be done by BronyCon 2015.
  7. Namename.


    Well, this thread exists now...
  8. Namename.

    The Duck from "May the Best Pet Win" Fanclub

    That duck sounds better than Morgan Freeman.
  9. Namename.

    The Duck from "May the Best Pet Win" Fanclub

    Well, this thread exists now. All hail the almighty duck. Overthrow Twilight Sparkle. Elect the Duck as ruler.
  10. Namename.

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Like writing a very long paragraph in which because of the title, and because of the fact that this paragraph is long, you must read it because of the chance that it may contain serious statements, which is already being contradicted. But, the paragraph shall continue to spark an interest in your brain in which you wonder what next foolish statement I shall say, which was already said. And now the paragraph is about to end, and you wasted about fifteen to thirty seconds of your life, which I have wasted in proportion two minutes of my life. Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
  11. Namename.

    I drew this with my mouth.

    "I have got some serious drawing skills."
  12. Namename.

    You have taken over Equestria..

    (Looks over Equestria) "This is mah turf!"
  13. Namename.

    Why I chose to subscribe

    You just gotta love the Forums.
  14. Namename.

    Rainbow Dash Speed Draw

    That is pretty freaking sweet for a speed-draw in seven minutes.