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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. An incredibly dark joke that would probably get me temporarily banned if I repeated it here... ... Also playing against my friend in Magic: the Gathering with an "Un" deck... He had never heard of any of the Un series until now...
  3. Injecting 7 hours of screensaver nostalgia directly into my bloodstream
  4. I lurk in the shadows... always waiting... always watching...
  5. I like just about anything, but for whatever reason, I tend to really enjoy hard liquor and spirits more than others seem to. My favorite is absinthe, a drink that has a bad rap in most places as the drink of choice for the mad, depraved, and disturbed. In fact, the drink was illegal here in the states until 2007. To explain why, I'll have to go into a little detail about a few unique properties of the drink itself. Absinthe is strong... very strong. Like lowest proof I've seen in real absinthe is 120, which is 60% alcohol by volume, and I've seen as high as 180 proof. It's not meant to be drank neat, and there's a whole "absinthe ritual" you're supposed to go through to dilute it. After this process is complete, the liquid turns from being clear and green to a cloudy greenish-milky color that we refer to as the "louche". Back in the 1800's, though, you could tell a cheap absinthe because the ingredients used were either cheaply prepared or in such small quantities, that this color change never took place. So what did cheap companies do? They'd throw in toxic copper salts that made this color change occur. These salts caused those who made a habit of getting drunk off cheap absinthe a multitude of problems: including hallucinations (which is why absinthe is often called "the green fairy"), madness, seizures, comas, and death. A few of them even went completely bonkers and went on murdering sprees. These absinthe-fueled drug-murders were blamed on the wormwood used in the distilling process (which does release very trace amounts of a toxic substance when distilled, though not enough to harm you), and absinthe was banned across Europe and the United States. Since then its reputation has never really recovered despite being legalized once again. If you even look at any mixed drinks made with absinthe, you'll notice that even the things mixed with absinthe will have some sort of dark tone to them, with drinks such as "Wharf Rat", "Root of All Evil", and "Death in the Afternoon". Still, if you're looking for something different, and you enjoy the taste of anise (black licorice), with a bit of mint and an almost fruity aftertaste; I'd highly recommend a dance with the green fairy. But just be warned, her spell is quite potent (even after the absinthe ritual). I've introduced a few friends to it before, and all but one's first experience has been "awww, I can handle it!", taking one shot of it neat (which I don't recommend), and then in about 20 minutes being completely floored as I watch the fairy work her magic and completely kick their flanks... not that they can remember it the next day most of the time, anyway. As far as brands go, I'd say skip the stuff like Lucid, that's just cheap stuff they sell to people so they can say they've tried it. Cheapest brand I buy is St. George's, which some aficionados may say is not real absinthe due to it being distilled with star anise rather than the traditional green anise, but it has a good taste especially when compared to cheaper brands, and is made in the same way, so for all intents and purposes, it's absinthe. My favorite brand, however, is Pernod, which is about 15 bucks more expensive, but is well worth it. Though, I tend to save that for special occasions, and St. George's for sharing with friends.
  6. For me, it's because renter's insurance is a heckuva lot cheaper than homeowner's insurance, and a landlord is going to have to be the one who takes care of any problems with the house, not me. A cheap apartment is just less expensive than a cheap house.
  7. *sees you from behind the bushes :wacko: *

    1. Hocus Pocus

      Hocus Pocus

      hi!!! :wacko: its been quite some time!

  8. heck naw. Just gonna sleep in it again. And the whole "It sets your drive for the rest of the day" thing is hogwash made up by parents as an excuse so they'd have some argument for their kid or kids when they point out the futility of such a task. If it really sets the theme for your work ethic, than you'd spend the whole day doing useless arbitrary tasks that don't make a lick of difference. I can see making it if you were to have company over or something, but if not, there's literally no reason to waste the time doing it.
  9. Unicorn. Her character was simply not written to be that of an alicorn, and despite what others say, her character has changed dramatically to fit this change. To be fair, these changes are to redefine her character as being appropriate for her new role as a teacher and leader rather than her previous role as a student; however, it was sudden, jarring, and made a character that was already a bit of a mary sue ("Your element is strongest and rarest, Twilight.") completely jump the shark with her role as a special snowflake main character princess wizard heroine super saiyan god super saiyan.
  10. Wow.... that post hit a little too close to home describing how relationships and friendship change from childhood to adulthood, and your journey along that road of discovery reminds me of my own. It's how I wound up realizing I was asexual. I just kinda realized "hey... I don't really NEED a significant other, I just need someone that I can actually TALK to, someone I can actually be friends with and do more than crack crude jokes in the cafeteria with." but enough about me, I understand that as the sun sets on G4, and only now you are arriving, it can feel like all this is about to be over soon, and just as soon as you arrived, all this is going to be gone. But from a long-time veteran of the herd, let me welcome you with open hooves. And let me ensure you that whether or not FiM lives on, I'll still be here to be your friend should you need me to. The fandom started with the show, yes, but it has grown into something so much more. We are here to celebrate friendship and the bonds we make with other people. Make no mistake, we still discuss the show, it is the thing that brought us all together in the first place, but what the meaning of this place has become feels more like a party of like minded individuals set out to.... rekindle in a way, a fire that has been lost and forgotten. We see friendship for what it truly is in a world that seems so superficial, we understand a deeper meaning to the loved ones with whom we spend time with, and when you boil down what it means to be a brony to its core philosophy, that describes us far better than any 22 minute series of events starring Twilight Sparkle and friends. So cherish these times together, but do not lament, because now that you are here, there are more to come. We came for the ponies, but stayed for each other; and because of this, it will take more than the end of G4 to tear us apart. On behalf of myself and Equestrians alike, welcome to the herd. -Hocus Pocus
  11. To me, Religion is sort of like a pact; a covenant if you will, in addition to being a respect for, and a relationship with the divine. I lead by example, and do good in the name of God, and in return I receive guidance and protection. Perhaps not as profound as many people would like on either end, but it's still certainly there, and I'm comfortable with it. I don't need some flashy neon sign from the heavens telling me what to do next, just like I feel God doesn't need me to go out of my way to cram my beliefs down other people's throats. I'm a Christian and I live my life as a decent person. Simple as that.
  12. my ban appeal...? The aristocrats
  13. Anything by: The Beatles The Beastie Boys Rage Against The Machine (Whom I feel are trying to emulate the Beastie Boys) Elvis Presley Most modern pop artists