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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! :) Hope you have a good time~ ^^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/2/8/824203/large.png

  2. Hello.... FRIEND BESTIE PAL! I'm so glad you agreed to join! Yay! I hope you have a wonderful time, theres so much to do and so many awesome people to meet! And in honor due to you love Octavia....
  3. Rarely. Mostly when I'm panicking or angry. It would seem like the most reasonable time to bust out caps.
  4. St Patricks Day. Even though I love showing my pride on St. Patricks Day, What do I get? a barrel of disrespect. Most people find St. Patricks Day a pointless day, and just based off a myth. Plus, I find Valentines Day has a lot more purpose. Here's the wiki for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day and here's St. Patricks Day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick%27s_Day
  5. @Poetic Stone The more reason for me not liking Matt Smith is because I find that most people who began watching the show in 2010-14 ((Matt's run)) like Matt Smith due to he's the first doctor they see. So they kind of have that 'bond'. The reason I don't like this is because I find most people starting to watch Doctor Who should start on the earlier doctors first to know what to expect basically, then began watching the current doctor. Its a weird reason, but its just basically one of my own reasons that doesn't seem to say "Yo, I dun't like Matt Smith." I have respects for all of those who
  6. I am really excited for Season 5. The trailer looks like the first 2 episodes are going to have an action packed adventure plot. Even if people say its gonna suck, ((Or its poorly made)) they don't know that QUITE yet. I'm can't wait to watch MLP, its almost time until it gets released!
  7. I have many favourites, its hard to pick just one. I like the 6th, 4th, 10th, 1st, and lastly 7th doctor. My least favourite is 11th, (Dun't judge me) 'cause I have no interest in him whatsoever.
  8. Sugar cookies is my favourite without a doubt. I don't like chocolate. I love how most of the sugar cookies are soft, and tasty. I just find their more classy.
  9. Interesting! I never noticed the difference, I normally notice errors like speech, figures. o3o Anyways, my thoughts is that once Luna turned into Nightmare Moon, she needed minions. She transformed all of her army into Bat Ponies. *However they looked like stallions and pegasi, so Princess Celestia wouldn't notice her new powers so she can find a weakness and you know *cough* defeat her. ((I'm working on those parts ) Anyway... after that change, there was hardly many mares left due to Nightmare Moon turned most of them into her army, so Celestia recruited stallions, and it shortly later had
  10. 95% of it I'm opened about ponies. I'm often teased if I'm caught reading a MLP comic, So thats the 5%, 90% I was wear the shirts, and show off my new figures of ponies to my friends.
  11. Most recent? Well I finished two around the same time. Well, I would have to say I finished Dead Space first.
  12. Vocaloid_IA

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    I like reading The Walking Dead comics, and mostly graphic novels. If anytime I pick up a chapter book I normally just lose my interest in it after 5 chapters. The book I'm reading right now that you could call a 'Chapter' book is the Learn The Japanese alphabet and write in Japanese! book.
  13. Vocaloid_IA

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I'm just chilling, and maybe a tab bit excited for the weekend so I can be on MLPForums all weekend long!
  14. Vocaloid_IA

    Movies/TV Cartoon Crushes

    Crushes... Man, where do I start? Due to my enter key is broken as crap this is gonna look really bad X3 - Beast Boy from Teen Titans - Len Kagamine - Kaito - Leon - Kyoya from Host Club - Tamaki from Host Club - Basically both of the twins from Host Club
  15. I surf the internet, and normally stay in bed listening to Vocaloid songs. And I normally have medicine so my colds can go away faster so I can enjoy my day.
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