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  1. Where Where is about me edit? Oh and nice signature
  2. How do I edit my front page on my profile and write something or put an image there?

  3. How do I edit my front page on my profile and write something or put an image there?

  4. How do I edit my profile front page and write something there or add a picture?
  5. Even though the game isn't cannon and has really bad graphics and is incorrect in many ways, sweet aple acres is portraied as being apart from ponyville, so yes rarity is the only pony born in ponyville. And if you are uncertain to if even rarity lived thier in the cutie mark chronicles rarity's flash back is of her making costumes for her play which is on the same stage as the talent show the crusaders perform on.
  6. I always wanted to move to stotland... right now I'm in connecticut but I always wanted to move somewhere forein
  7. I agree with you partly. I think that the show is making illusions to these things but not actually saying them because of the younger audiences.
  8. Soooo cool! Your a great artist! Wait that is all made out of minecraft blocks!!! WOW
  9. i think its beause they have a lot more magic than other pony's. It might make their hair the way it is. Because when they gave their magic to twilight their hair stoped flowing. :tAjTk7v:
  10. Thanks! I can also make transparents.