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  1. Cipher nodded gratefully at the Griffins, "He speaks to me like that, he would be Rave's former enforcer" she snorted making sure Darkeye overheard her before he left, "Yeah you better walk away, tail between your legs" she remarked before continuing to where the Griffin had put the communications systems. Cipher Splash began her work, she made the relay connect to her headset, then she began testing the signal strength, she found a nearby station connected to the Emergency Broadcast System which was commonly used by Dj pony. Cipher got out her datapad and connected it to the terminal befo
  2. Cipher Splash walked over to Darkeye who looked like he was the one in command, "Yo, pops, Where you're communication systems?, I got to use it" She asked the earth pony, Cipher folded her wings up and put her pistol back in her holster, she then slung her sniper riffle across her back still. "I'm also keeping the gear, and ammo" she finished before glancing at the surviving raiders, "good luck holding this position, you're going to need it" she finished. Cipher then tapped her hoof waiting for Darkeye to tell her what she needed to know. She wasn't a patient pony during her missions
  3. Cipher Splash

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    i found another, its worse then the first https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/simgad/4534216145152573412
  4. Cipher glanced up as the slaver was cut off "watch out" she said as he got jumped, she quickly scrambled for her riffle and turned around ready to help him when she looked at him she saw his dead eyes ​"sorry, but I'm not dying today" She remarked to the ghoul slaver, she took her aim and shot him point blank in the chest. She then continue to shoot him making sure he was really dead. Her automatic turret then kicked in beginning to fire at any life-signs ghoul or friendly, Cipher didn't have time or the equipment to program a better turret. When the turret ran out of ammo Cipher got up an
  5. Cipher glanced over at the Slaver "I hope you've got reinforcements coming, this is only the last village, their must be many more that have been attacked by the ghouls" Cipher grumbled, She pulled her sniper out and fired at the masses of zombies, when she was empty she ducked down and began fiddling with her machine gun. She then dropped it over the fortification and reloaded her riffle. "Wish I had a Cloud-ship, these ghouls wouldn't stand a chance" she grumbled firing at the next wave of ghouls which was larger. Cipher glanced over the fortifications and twitched her ears seeing a fres
  6. Must have a ancient picture of you looking like celestia to be a god also luck being 2, i've used all my luck up XD
  7. When twilight had to make friends with those 5 ponies, you think she glanced at apple-jack and thought 'That mare looks like shes going to pinch my magic books, better keep a hoof on them'
  8. Not yet, I've been forcibly removed from one before, but that's because i dropped a bucket of popcorn and they thought i was drunk. yeah they don't like that, especially when your asleep at the end and wake up asking when the film will start XD, Saw two movies in one, yay free movie XD
  9. XD, you sure wasn't the show based on stranger danger which didn't work since 6 random ponies became friends XD
  10. Cipher does not approve of this argument, ceace and desist before i illiterate you all and talking of gods Strength: 4 Perception: 7 Endurance: 5 Charisma: 4 Inteligence: 9 Agility: 9 Luck: 2 Intelligence beats all making her a god, but her charisma means no-pony cares XD
  11. @@JonasDarkmane, Cipher Splash woke up within the ruins of Primona, a small pink fluffy filly was happily suckling away at her adopted mothers belly. Cipher waited for the filly to finish before getting up, she opened her map quickly before deciding to plot the best way to Stoneville, it was a few miles away but she should be able to get their before lunchtime. She glanced down at the ghoulish filly "well you can either follow or stay" she finished before slowly walking down the road. The small pink filly quickly followed after her. Cipher made slow progress at first, luc
  12. Well because of this simple equation Mare + Mare= Fun Stallion + Stallion= Fun Mare + Stallion = 5 years filly sitting= not fun
  13. Cipher Splash woke up on her cloud to Rattlesnakes voice over her radio. She slowly got up feeling better from when she landed, most of her wounds had been healed by the potion however her wings were still damaged. Cipher slowly opened them for inspection, deciding they weren't flyable she used her pegasus magic on the cloud making it slowly sink downwards finally it disappeared as it reached the ground, she then glanced around, she saw a small town which had been freshly barricaded however as she approached she realised it must have been one of those towns Rattlesnake was talking about.
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