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  1. (Melody Rose is no more) pffftlblblblb :P

  2. Ok, sorry and thankyou for moving it. I thought I was out of the Everfree Forrest section
  3. It may sound weird, but I think it would be cute (and I think Fleur De Lis only wants Fancy for the money) Fluttershy is actually quite outgoing deep down, she just needs someone to bring her out, and Fancy Pants is by no means a snob. Although he is very posh, he is understanding, thoughtful and kind, just like Fluttershy. And seeming how tall he is compared to her... I just think for some reason they'd be cute My opinion though... what do you think? ~Melody Rose
  4. For FluffyMixer fans, everyone knows about Fluffle Puff, and most will know about her strange sister that lives in some mysterious room... But It's been rumored about her little brother, Cheese Puff, who speaks the Plblblb language Fluffle Puff speaks Idk if this is FluffyMixer's idea, it probably isn't, but it'd be awesome to see OCs of the Puff family (I know Fluffle Puff is an OC, but you know what I mean ) So if you can be bothered and you want to, maybe you can post OCs of Fluffle's family ~ Melody Rose
  5. I do like them, think they're cute, but I hate the legs >-< I know they're mean't to be unique, but they have no ankles and they're always wearing socks or shoes knee-high, otherwise it'd look really strange o.o Just my opinion, but I think the faces are cute :3 don't think the skin should be tinted though, if they want them to look human like... Plus, spike is a weird looking dog, but he's cute :3 Saying again though, no hate, my opinion... What do you think?
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Google :3 How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: One episode on TV and I was hooked ^v^ I'm only 13 but I've became obsessed :3 haha if anyone found out I'd be murdered cause they view it as a baby's show, all friendshipy and princessy blah blah blah .~. Although it is childish at times, it's actually meant for the adolescent, and tbh could teach a hell of a lot of people about how to be a good friend (sadly, lots of my "friends" were two face backstabbers and lying biatches).... plus it's cu
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