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  1. Postmodernist pseudo-intellectuals plaguing academia and the media.
  2. "Maybe it's just a friendship problem, and it will all be cleared up in a half an hour or so" Hahaha brilliant

  3. This could work on some criminals. That said, don't except this to be a reliable solution. People are not blank slates, nor are they solely a collection of experiences. Some people are inherently different than others; this is not something that the environment may necessarily be able to change.
  4. Read, study, interpret "according to God", live your life by it. The former is the only one of these things I'll be doing for now.
  5. Because many forms of gaming are highly competitive by nature. As a result, they bring in competitive people.
  6. My knowledge of history on the subject is a bit rusty; mind pointing out a few genocides that were caused primarily by religion?
  7. Why? It's about as "good" as if interracial marriage were to decrease; it is of no moral consequence. It's not a false belief. India and Nigeria are very poor. Not sure why knowing about a country's economic situation is indicative of a colonialist mindset.
  8. Baltimore is getting scary

    1. Dewdlz


      Hopefully my chances of going to the Con aren't ruined.

  9. the worst type of pattern

  10. Yeah, although alternatively they're sometimes called "strains". Basically, one step under subspecies. Many organisms tend to either not have strains/races in the first place, due to lack of population distinction, or have them treated as "subspecies". Here's an article that goes a it more in-depth. That said, we're going a bit off topic, so perhaps we should continue this via PM.
  11. Historical racial classifications are outdated and inaccurate. Almost nobody takes them seriously anymore. You shouldn't be concerned with wether racial classification is taxonomically/genetically useful or not. Racial strife happens regardless of it. I dunno. Does the classification of birds have any relevance beyond its own existence?
  12. Never contested that. Race isn't necessarily inaccurate. It's just a taxonomic classification of human strains (something which is of interest to many people, myself included). Wether it's irrelevant depends on the situation, really.
  13. They weren't supposed to be for children, though. They were just a collection of folktales.