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    new orleans
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    when the going gets tough.....drop the bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    gaming, parkour, free running, mlp duuuuuh, animes, furrie fan also, and all and all im a cool collected guy kinda like water i roll with it. im a nice guy once you get to know me. i accept everyone as equal in my mind so yeah.
  1. Thanks for adding me as a friend, but why do you have two profiles?

  2. Thank you for adding me as a friend :)

    1. DJPON-3-#Power1


      sure thing friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HELLO BRONIES!!!! i wanted to know what is your favorite pony in my little pony and what made you fall in love with that character? mine is vinyl scratch. ive always had a love for music. everywhere i go i would listen to music and just love it. when i found vinyl scratch i guess it was her nature that sparked my love for her.
  4. the most thing that disgust me the most are people not being theselves around me.
  5. dirty bandaids on the floor. rotten eggs. tops on the floor. zipping a zipper................the sounds weirds me out. mean people. liers. theives who stole from me. dirty rooms......it can be any way you want if it is not clean it's just gross man. -_- and i am not a hippacrit i clean my room daily. of course your probably not going to believe me with me just saying this but of course im just.....sayan....yes nailed it!!!!!!!!! doh and bay blades there a bunchof spinning tops thats gross man.
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