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  1. Air Force Junior ROTC is awesome!

  2. Air Force Junior ROTC is awesome!

  3. Air Force Junior ROTC is awsome

  4. i'm sorry for replying so late, i got a new phone and i forgot my password. Thank you for showing me that you guys are awesome enough to stop by and message me happy birthday, and again sorry for replying so late. You ponies are awesome and i'm glad to know you all. Thank you.

  5. The amount of work at school just shifted into high gear, and it sucks.

  6. If someone defines you by your past, then they truly don't know you, it is what you do in the future that defines you.

  7. i forgive u Osseous, i to get kranky when i'm bored.

  8. srry, going to tokyo=no school for 2 weeks. Math and ponies dont lie, like Applejack.

  9. I have no school for the next 2 weeks because my dad decided to bring me on his buisness trip to tokyo! "yay!"

  10. Vinyl Scratch76229


    I'm just going to agree with everypony else because i truly don't know how to describe it, you should draw more like this!
  11. Vinyl Scratch76229

    Sweetie bot!

    It came out looking really good when it was done, well done!
  12. The blizzard that I had last night was named Octavia on the news!

  13. Vinyl Scratch76229

    Dashie doodle

    How long did it take to draw that masterpiece? Overall it's an amazing drawing and you should keep doing what you do, draw!
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