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  1. I need my morning coffee or I go crazy. Lol
  2. FlutterFett

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I am feeling very good this mmorning. Have the day off
  3. It's very nice. The shadding is done very well and the back round fits with the character very nicely. well done!
  4. Probably New Zealand or Finland. They are both such gorgeous countries
  5. FlutterFett

    My OC

    She is awesome!! You are very talented. I love the colors that you picked they look so good together
  6. I picked mine because it not only fit my name as being fluttershy and gonna fett. It showed 2 of my interests in one.
  7. I do! I'm new here to the forum and to the brony community.
  8. FlutterFett

    2nd Rarity drawing

    Such an awesome job! Love the colors!
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