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  1. BRB shower's calling mah name. ^.^ I'll return smelling like fruit. tehe :P

  2. New OC posted in my blog. :P he's purple lol

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Haha you know it :D

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      nice color choice i like it and also school go to they have pride in it

    4. Cerulean Wings
  3. Name: Zephyr Bluegrass Nicknames: Zeph, Blue, Phyr Gender: Male Age: Stallion 38 Species: Alicorn Hometown: Manehattan Current Residence: Neighagra Falls Occupation: Electrician for the turbines @ Neighagra Falls Mane color/Style/Length: Bluish-grey/Straight/Short Coat Description: Light Purple Body Type: Average height and bulky Eye Shape/Color: Almond/Dark Olive Green Accessories: Lightning bolt necklace that harnesses his powers Allegiance: Princess Celestia Cutie Mark: Storm Cloud Aura: White Special Talent: Electricity manipulation Companion: Ice dragon named Bluto Family: Dew Rose - Wife Ember Blossom - Daughter Smolder Bloom - Daughter Thorn Bush - Brother Rose Bush - Sister-In-Law Prickle Bush - Nephew Friends: Cloud Wrangler Personality: Lazy, Withdrawn, Cautious, Loyal Likes: Rainy Days with Frequent Lightning and Thunder Dislikes: Trains and Whistles Flaw(s): Indifference, sometimes late to work [History] Born in cloudsdale, his mother and father lied to avoid ridicule as they were some of the first ponies to breed an alicorn. His mother was a pegasus and his father was a unicorn prince. They both moved to Manehattan to raise Zephyr. How Zephyr met Dew Rose: ~ The Calm Before The Storm... ~ Zephyr had been flying over the valley between Neighagra Falls and Foal Mountain when he heard soft crying. He landed and searched for the pony in distress and found a young, soft- rose colored mare. Her head was down. As she wept, greyish clouds started to form above the clearing. Zephyr spoke to her, "Don't cry miss... I'm sure everything will be just fine. Why don't we get to shelter before the storm rolls in?" The female looked up at him and sniffled, then her gaze turned icey; "Shut-up! What do you know?... I dont care if it rains... I want it to rain!" In that instant the sjy unloaded its wet burden in fat droplets. Zephyr squinted to see the mare as she gazed up at the sky, wings outspread and welcoming. He dared to step closer, his heart pounding. This storm felt weird... different. It felt provoked, as if it had hurt feelings and as suddenly lashing out. Winds whipped the rain across Zephyr's face as he got closer to the pink pony. She seemed to be the one causing the liquid onslaught. "Are you doing this?" He asked, watching the not grey-black clouds swirl. The rain pelted him harder, soaking him, and he loved it. He glanced at the mare again to find her deep purple eyes staring at him. He offered a smile and inclined his head bravely. She dared to blush, breifly hiding her face with a wing. Zephyr bowed to the mare, then rose his horn to the sky. His horn vibrated, glowed white before a bolt of pure electricity shot from the tip and into the storm clouds. It manifested again as flashes of color. He watched the show a moment before a soft gasp drew his attention. The female stood absolutely still, watching the storm they had created with awe filled wonder. Zephyr spoke again, "What is your name?" The mare answered, "My name Dew.. Dew Rose.." She pulled her eyes from the sky to stare again. Zephyr forced himself to speak again, as he was stunned silent by her beauty. "My name is Zephyr Bluegrass. Most just call me blue or Zeph.." He smiled at her and she returned it, moving closer to him. In that moment both ponies recieved their cutie marks. His a manifested as a storm cloud, while her's revealed itself as three drops of water. Dew tucked herself under Zephyr's chin with ease and sighed happily. He couldn't believe how perfect she fit in his embrace... How Zephyr secured his family's future: ~ Turbine Terror ~ One hot summer day the turbines at Neighagra Falls ceased to turn. It cut off all the water and electricity to 80% of Equestria. Ponies were passing out from heat exhaustion. No one could fix the problem and it only got hotter that day. Dew encouraged Zephyr to and "shock the system", explaining that the machines ran off a giant electrical computer system (In my world they have a little more modern technology) A good jolt could reboot everything and get the turbines moving again. This is exactly what Zephyr did, saving the ponies from a scorching summer. He was granted the "Key to the City" by The Princesses, thus securing his family's future. They would want for nothing from that day on. Zephyr had been named head electrician for all of Equestria. [Present Day] Zephyr and his family reside in a cabin style mansion near Neighagra Falls. He works on the turbines that keep the water-powered electricity working safely and efficiently. [Powers] Flying Walk on clouds Telekenisis Telepathy Magic Unique Abilities: Creating Lightning [HEX Code Color Chart] Coat: #C47FBE Mane: C1 - #4B5E8E C2 - #AAAAAA Eyes: #427200 Aura: #FEFEFE Pony Code: 3Y1N0F4310C480BFFFC49D00500437200LN1D38408430001D14C5F8EABABAA1Y107F3FCC004CB2
  4. Im back lol miss me/ I know you did..

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      Cerulean Wings

      Thank you friends ^.^

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      How did you know?! *hugs* HeY!

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      Cerulean Wings

      Hello darlin :D *hugs Vinyl*

  5. Happy Birthday, Vinyl-Dash! I hope you enjoy my DeviantArt gift ^.^

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      Cerulean Wings

      I wont be here for your real birthday so I wanted to make sure your gift was done and ready for you.

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      happy birthday Vinyl-Dash!

  6. Zephyr's TC is up lol I had fun with him

  7. Updated DeviantArt Link from this profile..

  8. New Blog Post..

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      that' fine with me Cerulean Wings i can wait good luck with your fanfic and hugs

    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      Thanks hun! *Hugs* ^.^

  9. Sup bronies? As I have said before my deviant art is dedicated to my OC ponies and pony art in general. Lol I have been having a blast adding new artists and pieces and uploading some pixelated aart myself. I also have a bit of traditional art (more of that will come later) Ive been busy with my Pony Hearts. I know there are a million and one deviant art pages dedicsated to these cute little pony pic but I couldnt resist and I can guarantee that no one has the ponies that I have ^.^ Ive started a Trading Card collection. The first 3 are submitted and ready for download ^.^ I plan on doing ALL OC that I create, so if you have a favorite, I suggest you snag the card associated with it. I am also offering to do OTHER'S OCs as a Thank You for supporting me and just being awesome lol I plan on actually asking a few of you for permission so if I ask ya, congrats! your OC will be a part of the first set of 10 Trading Cards. I'll credit you of course and you will have the option of allowing ponies to download your card or not. If I choose to do your Card I will send you a digital copy (via Email. Please provide a valid one) That you can keep and upload onto your own page. PHEW! lol I'm writing a fan fic for the Hearts and Hooves Day contest and I already know exactly how it will go. I just have to type it... ah procrastination... how we loath thee.. anyhoo aside from that Im just drawing and designing ponies. ^.^ Speaking of... Ive designed my first MALE pony heart base O.O omahgooodnesss. Yes I did it. and the first pony to be debuted upon it happens to be Smolder Bloom and Ember Blossom's father. I actually want to mention a comment I got from a fellow Pegasister. She asked me why Smolder Bloom was an Alicorn. Well... her father is an Alicorn and her mother is a Pegasus. Therefore, by luck of the genes, she came out an Alicorn. NOW I already know what some of you will say. "They turn into Alicorns magically" Yes... the cannon characters do. MINE do not. They are what they are by simple geneology. In saying that, I will make up an easy to read chart so you can see what I'm talking about. More on that later. Please check out my DeviantArt and give me feedback . Tell me who your favorite is? ^.^
  10. Is anyone else having issue with MLPF? Deviantart didnt do this so I think its the site Itself...

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      Lol Professor ^.^

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      Well nothing unusual except everytime I click anywhere windows and pages for Web site hosting and bot check pages keep appearing and the ad box too. I think that's supposed to do that though?

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      Cerulean Wings

      Well yeah but i dont think they are supposed to be pop up ads. Unless you have a pop up blocker thats off.

  11. *Big sigh* Wow Ive been busy. Ok since I sort of briefly touched on what Ive been doing in my status, I figured I'd do a quick blog and get everyone caught up. First of all I want to thank my PR for approaching me and giving me an opportunity to use my skills for an actual purpose lol. I am looking forward to working along side the creators of Trixy Sparkle. I loved the fan made video. I'm thoroughly excited. Second thing Ive been doing iswrapping up the fourth chapter of my story. For those who dont have access to it heres the link http://www.fimfiction.net/story/245772/diamonds-are-a-kings-best-friend Estimated reading time is about 15 minutes. Anyway please dont hesitate to leave me a comment (good or bad) lol and give me some feedback. did you like it? was it too short/long? Did it make sense? All these things help me make my works that much better. I appreciate it. As you can see in my post I have created a Pony Heart Trading Card. I was experimenting and decided to do something for my friends and fans. I'll be doing my female OCs and they will be available for "Adoption" on my DA (Deviant Art) It's just a way to say "Thank You" for your support and kindness. The pony hearts themselves I may upload if I get a good response. Maybe later on I'll share my bases. We will see, In any case I hope you all enjoy the small gifts ^.^ Ill be opening my OC Shop soon as well, once I get everything settled and flowing nicely. Most likely after I finish my assignment for TS. I'll leave a status announcement for that. My laptop broke So I am using my stallion's HP Mini. Not quite what I'm used to but it will work for now. I cant wait to get a new full sized comp. Either way I use a mouse for my art so lol the difficulty wont change... just the screen size Thats about all Ive got for now. Hope you enjoy what I've done so far ^.^ Sparkle up, Bronies!
  12. She is an alicorn because her Father is an alicorn. My OCs do not magically transform into alicorns from Pegasi or Unicorns. They are born into it.
  13. O.o Ive been a busy pony...

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    2. Cerulean Wings

      Cerulean Wings

      I heard a lot of schools are doing that free comp thing. Im not a student yet but Im sure if I go for what I want, they will provide me with a tablet or laptop. LOL @ Professor ^.^

    3. CloudKicker


      school i went was saint peters college in Auckland new zealand this was back in 2008-2010

    4. The Professor...8D