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    "if you want a straight face, you have to sacriface."-pewdiepie photoshop.
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    Asdf movie,lazer collection, uncle grandpa, and other stuff like that :P

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  1. Source: Could somepony make me a signature?
  2. Who is my waifu? Pinkamena. Why is she my waifu? shes Pinkamena.
  3. What comes after cupcake?
  4. Make an emoticon of best pony! (look at my profile picture)
  5. I have pyrophobia and thalassophobia. and pornophobia.
  6. I just hope that there will still be bronies when the new generation comes out. I don't want this fandom to end!
  7. I found a meme on google images and i made it my background. Look at what i did.
  8. It seems i'm the third. There really aren't that many left handed people are there?..
  9. The name of the movie reminds me of "The Hunger Games"
  10. I used to be XxderpgirlxX. And then i took an arrow to the knee. Overused joke is overused.
  11. Because i can post ponies without getting banned!
  12. It would be cool if pinkamena returned in season 5.
  13. i have the song "rainbow factory" by wooden toaster stuck in my head. its a good song so i dont care.