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  1. Crow2

    How Friendly Are You?

    I'm not that friendly to be honest
  2. My most favourite thing Weirdly enough my most favourite part of school was just chilling in class with my mates not having to worry about exams, jobs or money and maybe being able to watch films near the end of terms. The thing I hate the most about school Is probably the chavs that walk around acting like they're better then everyone else who also tend to bully the people which seem weak to them, it would make going to school a chore and would drain the life from you apart from that having to wear uniforms was a pain, especially in the summer when it's hot, it would make sitting in a hot classroom unbearable, making it almost impossible to focus
  3. Just chill I guess, I'd look forward to all the silence
  4. That's confusing for me because the only real emotion I tend to show is anger otherwise I'm quite monotone and don't react to situations the way most people would, I normally fake my emotions if I need to
  5. It's refreshing to have orange juice with breakfast but I hate having pulp in it
  6. Honestly I think it's ridiculous to think bronies could be weirdos, obviously there's always the select few individuals that fit that term but that could be said with other fandoms like the furry fandom etc, the same goes with the art, a common saying on the internet goes, "if it exists There's art of it" which may look worse depending on what it is for example bronies might get more flak because the art is based on a child's TV show, while something like mortal kombat would be overlooked because it's based on a more mature franchise which may change people's perception towards those fans Now I'm not one to use the term "toxic masculinity" but I think it has some context here for years, upon years, boys have been told to man up and that they can't like things which are targeted towards girls and I think this way of thinking has been ingrained into a lot of people leading them to bully or target an individual which may break norms such as bronies watching mlp because it's unusual in their mind and overtime I think people have stopped caring to am extent as they've most likely realised how pointless it is to target people etc
  7. Crow2

    Would you stop watching if they referenced Onision?

    Eh I wouldn't be too bothered, I'm not one to take reference seriously, unless it's something I'm passionate about so I'd be like, "meh, cool" and continue doing stuff
  8. Thanks for the follow! :mlp_smile:

    1. Crow2


      No probs 

  9. I hope everyone is doing ok

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    2. Crow2


      Thanks, sorry for the slow reply I don't stay on here for long periods of time 

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm doing fine, thanks! :kindness: I hope you are too! :)

    4. Crow2


      That's good to hear :-P

  10. Crow2

    If you had to change your name?

    I always liked the name Dex or Dexter
  11. Crow2

    Are you a risk taker?

    I'm quite the risk taker in most scenarios like crossing the street when a car is coming down the road etc
  12. Sadie from red dead redemption 2 except I'd probably act way more tomboyish
  13. Crow2

    General Would you rather die by fire or water?

    I'd prefer water because with fire it's litteraly burning and melting you stimulating your nerves so you'd be in a lot more more pain however with water you'll just lose consciousness
  14. Crow2

    Would mind a pony nuzzling you?

    I'd tell them to stop I'm not into that kind of intimacy
  15. Has anyone heard of tales from the gas station?

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    2. Crow2


      Here's the first part if you're interested  :3




    3. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :D I'll listen to it later tonight! :yay:

    4. Crow2


      It may sound boring at first but after the first few parts it might hook you XD