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  1. I'm a Christian. I'm also a full-on brony. Fanatical lunatics like these give us Christians a bad name. MLP is anything but the work of "Satan". A show with such a pure heart that teaches so many good things and helps in spreading love within its fans... is the work of Satan. (Talk about ignorance) Lol. Just ignore this creep, guys and gals. /)
  2. Soren Gabriel

    Rainbow Rocks Rainbow dash in rainbow rocks

    I didn't like what they did with her in Rainbow Rocks. It was the only time I found her ego to be more arrogant, annoying, and over the top rather than charming and funny :/
  3. All right, i'm going to go on record and say that I absolutely LOVED Rainbow Rocks. Everything about it, from the animation to the music (and especially the villains) felt like a step up from Equestria Girls. I only had two problems with it, though I'm going to avoid discussing one of them because it's already been done to death (flash sentry; no need to kick a dead horse). My other problem? Rainbow Dash Don't get me wrong. I love RD as much as the next guy. She was always likeable in both FiM and the original EqG. In Rainbow Rocks, though, something went a bit haywire. Does anyone el
  4. The designs are a bit too thin and "clone-ish" for my taste :/ Seriously, why are applejack and rainbow dash stick thin when they're both hardworking athletes? They should at least have a bit of muscle to them. Also, why do they all have the exact same clothing style? It doesn't really reflect their individual personalities and tastes much. Topping it all off, why is everyone dressed and styled like it's the 70's-90's? Almost every male character has big, spiky hair with long sideburns and most of them have hipster, grunge, or hippie clothing.
  5. Okay, I'm going to be completely honest. I HATED Flash Sentry at first just for how undeveloped, shallow, and cliche he seemed. That being said, I didn't really have a problem with that one scene where he made Twilight cry. He was under a spell; what was he supposed to do? It was the Dazzlings doing the talking, not him. The character's grown on me somewhat, and I'd actually like to see some proper development for him in the future
  6. If you wanna talk about hate, then definitely every single scene from both Equestria Girls movies featuring Flash Sentry making pretty boy eyes at Twilight. Seriously, I hated the undeveloped, shallow guy... at first. Tbh, he's kinda grown on me Wouln't mind seeing him get some proper character development in upcoming seasons (or just Equestria Girls 3).
  7. It just wouldn't be the same without the original VA's :/ I've gotten so used to the voices that a sudden change would probably lower the character's appeal (until I get used to it)
  8. Tbh, I'm torn between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy beacause they're the ones I identify with the most. Though I'm much, much better now, i used to be incredibly shy and reserved (like you know who). I still deal with some shyness sometimes, but it's just sometimes lol. Then there's my competetive side I'm the type of guy to challenge and accept challenges with my friends. I get pretty energetic and hot-blooded in those moments. So yeah, I really can't decide between the two, so I'm voting for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash equally
  9. Wow, people thanks be to all you guys. I can't tell you how awesome this feels, especially after what happened in that mlp facebook group I joined before (there were a ton of horrible people there. Messed up elitists) :/
  10. Hey everyone! The name's Soren. I became a brony about 2 months ago and have already finished season 4. As you can imagine, im super hyped for season 5. anyways, I wanna get down to this quick and say... Sorry :/ I found out about bronies about 4 years ago and quickly turned into a hater. A total anti-brony. I was intolerant, I was close-minded, and I was at times hateful The day I decided to give the show a chance, I realized how idiotic and blind I had been. I realized I was the creep for judging you all instead of being open-minded and giving both the show and all you guys a chance. Trul
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