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  1. ~Flash Brush~

    Brony's version of MLP

    It would be sad and very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sad and very dark and depressing. Also the art style will be different and horrible background ponies and foreground ponies.
  2. ~Flash Brush~

    Who's the most underrated MLP character?

    Gilda is a bit underrated, but Celestia gets all of the worst jokes and stuffs.
  3. ~Flash Brush~

    S05:E04 - Bloom and Gloom

    As soon as I saw that Applebloom had a cutiemark I started to freak out..... Turns out it was a dream, AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!
  4. ~Flash Brush~

    S05:E03 - Castle Sweet Castle

    The song was really great but then it went to the dumps when the castle was clustered! The episode was so great all together! Season five is best season!
  5. ~Flash Brush~

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    9/10 SO KAWAII!
  6. ~Flash Brush~

    Go read a more interesting thread ↑

    Well, welcome to the FORUMS!!!!!!!!!! I am the one an only Flash Brush! I hope you stay with us for a long time and I hope to see you on the flip side! Also, go to Octavia's Hall/Fan art to see some on my art work!
  7. ~Flash Brush~

    Little late to say good morning

    Well, I have seen the Stick Ponies and I thought it was a funny series!!!! I am the one and only Flash Brush~! Also I hope you stay and go other places with us! See you on the flip side!
  8. ~Flash Brush~

    ...mmmm... ...well met...

    WOOOT!!!! Another brony that will possibly see me at Super Speedy Cider Con!!!! I am so ready for it is ridiculous!!!! Well, anyway welcome to the forums I am the one and only Flash Brush!~ I hope you stay with us for a while and I hope to see you on the flip side!!!!!
  9. ~Flash Brush~

    Visual Art My rabbit fursona (Half way finished :DD:D

    Wow..... That is a really long time! My drawings don't even take half as long!!!!
  10. ~Flash Brush~

    Visual Art My rabbit fursona (Half way finished :DD:D

    Wow, that looks really good!!!!! How long have you been working on it????
  11. ~Flash Brush~

    Who's your favorite S5 town citizen?

    I found Party Favor to be my best because I love Pinkie Pie and when I saw his gravity defying balloon bridge I was in awe. Plus while he was in the village and his eyes went wonkers I was rolling on the ground laughing.
  12. ~Flash Brush~

    More minecraft my little pony art

    Ok sweet that would be awesome!!!!!
  13. ~Flash Brush~

    The month you hate the most?

    I do not hate a specific month but if I have to I would say January. Here where I live it is a thing to keep your Christmas decor outside for the entire month of January!!!! It is rather enraging because they are suppose to be gone by then.
  14. ~Flash Brush~

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Evil cutie mark snatching super villain of evilness!!!!! I found the first two episodes really really weird because her name made me think of Sunset Shimmer, and I always told myself when I was watching that. "That isn't her, this is another evil pony that will turn good in the name of FRIENDSHIP!!!!"
  15. ~Flash Brush~

    was the wait and hype worth it for season 5

    Every season no matter how good or bad it is, is always one of the best seasons in my book. Especially when I am there first hand waiting for the next episode to come out a week later than today!