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  1. CandyStrike

    What was your childhood like?

    It was ideal except for the part where I exhibited signs of depression since I could talk and all the awful things that come with being chronically depressed your whole life.
  2. CandyStrike

    Web Gawker Media filed for bankrupty

    I can't say I know much about Gawker, but from what I gather on Hulk Hogan's case they seem to have posted a sex tape of him without his permission. Is that accurate? If so that is an awful thing to do and I don't feel sorry for Gawker at all. Why?
  3. Justin Bieber is such an arrogant jackass. So of course he does this.
  4. CandyStrike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, I have some Pokemon plushies. Including a giant Happiny that I got for super cheap! Same
  5. CandyStrike

    SEGA interested in Sonic/MLP crossover.

    I hope it doesn't happen. Crossovers are sort of boring if you're not a fan of both works. And I am not a fan of Sonic. If I were to watch that cocky hedgehog interact with my beloved ponies I might gnaw my arm off. I'm sorry to everyone that likes the idea, but to me Sonic is just an awful, unbearable character. But I admit it would be adorable to see Fluttershy play with those Chao things.
  6. CandyStrike

    General What's your opinion on Furries?

    Well, they're a bit of a mystery to me. I don't understand the appeal of furry characters so I don't really get why they love it so much. And the whole sexual side of it deeply confuses me. But then every fandom gets someone fetishizing it. I haven't met or interacted with anyone that told me they were a furry. But some people I know and have met seem like they're probably furries and they've all been nice.
  7. I don't like Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers, especially shipping Sonic with ponies. I've never been a Sonic fan, he has always annoyed me with his freaking attitude. I'm okay with grimdark, if it is an actual story. Grimdark for the sake of it or for titillation is distasteful to me. For example, Fallout Equestria has a lot of grimdark stuff, but it is a part of the story. And that story is about fighting for a better future. But stories like Cupcakes just seem like the gore is the point. And any semblance of story is just a coincidence.
  8. CandyStrike

    Has MLP ever offended you?

    I don't know why someone would be offended by it either. I liked it and I've been critical of Muffins's portrayal in the past. Maybe, they don't like that she sounds different and is named Muffins in the credits.
  9. CandyStrike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Kill myself, because I'm a woman so I'm basically screwed. Which hat?
  10. CandyStrike

    Has MLP ever offended you?

    Yeah, that episode with the buffalo seemed racially insensitive at best. Also, I think I've explained before why I found Muffin's first speaking role distasteful. Basically, I see it as playing the stereotype that people with strabismus are stupid.
  11. CandyStrike

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    What? You're now in charge of Hasbro, what do you do?
  12. CandyStrike

    General Are Dippin' Dots still around?

    I saw they were selling some in a machine at the zoo when I went this year. I used to see them in malls when they were first around but I haven't seen one like that in years.
  13. CandyStrike

    Spoiler Am I in the minority here? (Hearth's Warming Tail)

    The first time I watched it I didn't enjoy it because I didn't understand what the point was. Celebrate holidays or your homeland will freeze? But I've watched it again and was able to enjoy it, the songs really help. Though still not sure what the message is...
  14. If she is cast they should really put her singing skills to use.
  15. CandyStrike

    Politics: As a brony do you lean more left or right?

    Left wing. I'm a godless liberal and proud of it!