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  1. Po-Nonimous

    Did the shows target audience change?

    I think a little older but if they decide to pick a target-age audience between the ages of 12 and 25 I'm all for that! I mean, look at Gravity Falls. That's an awesome show and they have the right target audience age group, I think.
  2. Po-Nonimous

    Rarity Fan Club

    Wow, I put a lot of work into that sims 4 Rarity file and not even one little note saying thanks. Well, that's that! No more! Hate me if you want but a little gratitude's nice but I guess I'm expecting that from the wrong people.
  3. Po-Nonimous

    What do think of the MLP commercials?

    "There is a massive disconnect because the passion, motivation, quality, and respect for the characters that the animation department has for the MLP brand, and the completely vapid crap the toy department puts out. These girls look like they've been given a large amount of champagne and forced to smile weakly at gun point." Terrifying. Just... Terrifying!
  4. Po-Nonimous

    What did Twilight's house look like in canterlot?

    I can see why you'd think that since, in EP 23 (The Cutie Mark) different scenes show that same building from both the outside and the inside, showing a large classroom or lecture hall on the inside. So, if that's where Twilight lived then there must have been dormatories or private rooms in the building as well.
  5. Po-Nonimous

    What did Twilight's house look like in canterlot?

    These were done very crudely from screen caps but that's pretty much what the Canterlot House looks like.
  6. Po-Nonimous

    My First Pony OC

    Well, then, that settles it! Mare it is! Nice choice, too. Very cool looking mare.
  7. Po-Nonimous

    Such thing as a lead male character?

    It's a shame you said ponies only because my first thought of a main male character was Discord.
  8. Po-Nonimous

    My First Pony OC

    Looks rather female to me but that's just my opinion. Ultimately, you're the one who'll decide whether it's a mare or a stallion. Although, come to think of it, it does look cool as a stalion, too.
  9. Po-Nonimous

    First time using a Drawing Tablet!

    Nice! I'm glad you have an opportunity to try out and practice with one of those. Can't wait to see your first work from that.
  10. Po-Nonimous

    My First Pony OC

    You're welcome! You're right. It's difficult to pull off black and purple together and make it work but you did and that's just too cool! Again, good job!
  11. Po-Nonimous

    My First Pony OC

    Ooh, nice! The colors are really intense! Makes the whole thing really pop. Great job! Keep up the good work!
  12. Po-Nonimous

    Saphir Stone! :DD

    Nice work! Well done. Good choice of colors. Interesting and unique outline work and the facial expression is perfect!
  13. Po-Nonimous

    Review my OC

    I don't think you give yourself enough credit. I saw your work and I think it's good. You have great potential for becoming a great artist someday but not if you give up. I think you also have some interesting ideas and concepts. I always enjoy when people share their artwork and ideas here, it shows me that there are still people in the world who are, at least, trying to do something with their talents.
  14. Po-Nonimous

    The sun may kill us all in less than a week

    First, relax. The Earth gets hit by solar flares all the time. This is nothing new. Now, if it helps, we have the Ozone layer, which helps to absorb excess ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Even better than that the Earth has its magnetic field which totally deflects dangerous solar radiation and keeps us safe.
  15. Po-Nonimous

    Mega Thread Christian bronies: meet, greet, and mingle!

    Hey, Johnny! I think you might already know I'm a Christian but I'll say it here so there'll be no doubt! Wow! How wonderful to see so many fellow Christians! Nice, nice! Thanks for starting this thread, Johnny!